Eric Lefkofsky Article

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman, founder and Cheif Executive Officer of Tempus Center. Tempus is a main provider of technology authorized precision medicine solutions. Tempus is a Chicago, Illinois based cancer technology business that is revolutionizing how certain information is used to customize and optimize various cancer treatments. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky had founded Tempus in 2015 with a mission to bring organization and stability to healthcare. Today, the Tempus company is creating the world’s biggest database of molecular and clinical information to date.

The molecular information gathered is in the appearance of genomics while the general clinical information is gathered through organization or analytical notes, pathology images, laboratory reports, and radiology scans in order to retrieve therapeutic, phenotypic, and outcomes data to be able to be able to understand the clinical factors for each patient case. Tempus’s approach is very effective and the company has assembled a variety of data and uses it to spawn actionable insights or specific patterns.

Leading provider of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky decided to create the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation that enhances individual’s lives in the community. Mr. Lefkofsky is also a Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicagoe, Illinois’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky had graduated from the University of Michigan and then recieved his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. For more information on Mr. Eric Lefkofsky you may connect with him via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Mr. Lefkofsky is surely a humanitarian businessman at large.

Stansberry Research Takes Its Lead From Its Inspirations Founder Frank Porter Stansberry

Independent research firm Stansberry Research is a company that operates within the financial sphere. The company was founded in 1999 and takes great pride in providing investment intelligence of an unbiased nature to investors who desire to attain an edge in the investment industry. The Baltimore, Maryland-based investment firm covers topics of research that delve into a varied number of realms and include energy, biotech, short-selling, tech and option trading investments as well as the topics of maximizing income and analysis of macroeconomics. Stansberry Research currently boasts an impressive readership base of more than 350 thousand and is read by individuals in over one-hundred countries across the globe today. Stansberry Research has satellite offices that are located in the states of California, Florida and Oregon.

Stansberry founder is Frank Porter Stansberry. He also works in an editorial capacity with the firm and produces opinion pieces for a number of different publications in the financial sector. Topics of interest for Frank Porter Stansberry include the financial panic of Europe as well as the auto industry bailout. He also leads Stansberry Research in its continually drive to provide deep insights into the important market trends within the modern financial industry. This has helped to ensure that Stansberry Research has become one of the most respected institutions in its industry.

The trust that Stansberry Research subscribers have come to have in the firm is undeniable. This is evidenced by the extensive number of positive testimonials that readers often direct toward the work the company does. These testimonials frequently point to the high level of integrity that the team of analysts at Stansberry Research always adhere to in their research work. Stansberry Research readers frequently credit the firm with being an instrumental part in helping their portfolios to grow and succeed. This is due to the continual stream of quality investment ideas that the company is known to provide its readers with. Many of these readers not only comment on the fact that the firm helped them to grow their base of money but as importantly, to grow their base of knowledge in the sphere of investment.

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How Stansberry Research is Redefining Investment World Through Information

One of the most important tools in the world of business and investment is information. Without information, it is impractical to trade. Stansberry Research is one of the entities that have been instrumental in educating different investors and traders on different trends in the financial world. For now, two decades in operation, the Baltimore, Maryland based company has revolutionized the availability of information by making necessary market information available at least twice every month. Many pundits believe that Stansberry Research is paving the most sustainable path for traders especially the research-oriented traders in the USA but with interests outside of the USA.

One of the areas that make Stansberry Research the future of information is the diversification the company has in terms of the areas they have covered in the last 20 years. In the last two decades, the oil business, for example, has become one of the most profitable businesses. Thanks to Stansberry Research, traders can understand concepts in this trade and therefore making rational decisions. Second, the entity has also spread wings to cover alternative markets. Alternative investment markets are changing, and regardless of the changes, Stanberry Research has been enlightening readers on the best decisions to make.

In addition to educating investors on the oil business, mining and oil distribution, Stansberry Research has experts that are knowledgeable on health and biotechnology. The two investment niches are arguably one of the most complex markets for an average investor. Fortunately, Stansberry Research has made investments a reality in these markets. In addition, the company is also expanding its scope on other markets in an attempt to provide investors with information on other markets and spread wings. Apart from Stansberry expanding its scope in terms of markets, the research entity is also keen on expanding its number of subscribers to other regions, specifically Europe, Australia, and Asia.

A number of reasons make Stansberry Research a global trendsetter in information. First, this entity is home to some of the best experts in each field. Professional opinion in any of the above investment areas is crucial. Second, Stansberry is one of the most objective information outlets in the world.

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Many people think that success comes handed over so quickly to the successful people, but that’s because most successful people hit the spotlight when they start succeeding and we fail to see their hard working years. Before I did any background check on the great, Sujit Choudhry, he was to be the kind of people who bumped on success, but it is far from it. Having gained some knowledge about his journey, I now have much respect for the speaker, director, lecturer, constitutional adviser, writer and editor among other titles that really suit him and that he has worked hard for.

As many children spent their childhood in the playground most of Sujit Choudhry’s childhood moments were spent reading and listening to current affairs through different media platforms thus always expanding the boundaries of his potential and knowledge which gave him a head start compared to children who didn’t tap into their potential as early. It is therefore not very surprising that he earned a law degree from Oxford University, yet another from the University of Toronto and finally at Harvard Law School, since then he has traveled the world positively impacting many different countries in terms of political, constitutional advice among other exceptional abilities. With this kind of track record and international recognition and at only the age of 49 there is so much more to expect from Sujit Choudhry because at his pace and with his drive he has proven that he still has much more to offer the world.

What is even more admirable is his charisma and his ability to leave his audience with a positive outlook towards life, with zeal to hit a goal and most importantly with inspiration that if you work hard enough, you must get to where you want to be. It is so admirable that in his busy schedule he still finds time to inspire others especially young people who desperately need a worthy role model and he fits that description perfectly. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we get more young people stepping into Sujit Choudhry’s shoes?

Heather Parry Gives A Star is Born a Country Flavor

Heather Parry produced the 4th version of A Star is Born. A Star is Born made its original screen debut in 1937. Dorothy Parker collaborated with William Wellman, Robert Carson, and Alan Campbell. North Dakota farm girl, Esther Victoria Blodgett yearned to be an actress and headed for Hollywood. This film has tantalized filmmakers and audiences for over 80 years. Remakes of this film were made in 1954, 1976, and now 2018, produced by Heather Parry.

Heather Parry began her show business career in 1993, co-producing films for MTV Productions that included Adam Sandler’s film, The Longest Yard. Sandler liked Heather Parry’s work so much that he hired her in 2005 to produce films for Happy Madison Productions. From 2015 to the present day, Parry is producing films for Live Nations Productions that include the latest remake of A Star is Born. Heather Parry wants to bring A Star is Born into the 21st century. Parry knew Cooper personally. Parry learned that Bradley Cooper was directing and starring in the latest production of A Star is Born. Parry contacted Cooper’s agent. She offered to help market the film. Dave Bugliari, Bradley Cooper’s agent, made it possible for Heather Parry to become the executive producer.

This version of A Star is Born is about a Country musician named Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper, who discovers a singer-songwriter named Ally. Ally is played by Lady Gaga. Heather Parry is working on getting many of today’s stars into feature films. Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in 1986, A Star is Born is Lady Gaga’s first feature film. Heather Parry is working on starting a film project for people such as Noah Cyrus, Puff Daddy, and more. Parry wants to work on a film project based on David Bowie’s life.

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Sunday Riley’s Bestseller Good Genes Is a Superhero In Its Own Right

Skincare company Sunday Riley has managed to get one of its products into the spotlight with a genius marketing move. Its perennial bestseller Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment is advertising the new Captain Marvel movie on its packaging. This is a great move to make the Sunday Riley brand visible and desirable to fans of the Marvel movies franchise. Though Sunday Riley hardly needs to pull such strategic marketing moves. The Texas-based skincare company has a range of skincare products with unique names and luxurious packaging that reflects its price.

The Sunday Riley skincare company named after chemist and owner Sunday Riley has acquired a devoted following with its range of skincare products that get results. The Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment is a favorite with it with its anti-aging properties. Good Genes is one of Sunday Riley’s top best sellers. It remains to be seen its association with Marvel and Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson will help attract new buyers and exceed the Good genes current selling status once the marketing campaign related to new superhero movie Capt. Marvel hits the spotlight.

Sunday Riley will debut a limited-edition Capt. Marvel Good Gene All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment on March 8. The 8th of March is the same day that the Captain Marvel movie will open in the movie theaters and Sephora will notice actress Brie Larson gracing the box of the Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment box and the crest of Captain Marvel features prominently on the front of the Good Genes bottle. We have seen advertising campaigns associated with movies before, but those have mainly featured soft drinks, food, and restaurants. This is the first time that a skin care company is related to a major Hollywood movie and is actively advertising the film on its packaging.

Boraie Development seeks to promote Communities through Housing Projects in New Jersey with Shaquille ONeal

Boraie Development achieved a major milestone in 2015 after it inaugurated The Aspire, a new luxury rental tower, in New Brunswick. The state-of-the-art building marries convenience with modern design to suit the desires of trendy renters. It opened up for leasing in the 2015 summer.

The Aspire was built on a strategic location for convenience for commuters. It is near to Brunswick train station and it prides itself on best of art recreational facilities and spaces. The building has a direct access and ample parking space. New Brunswick residents were left murmuring after realizing how luxurious the tower is attracting well-off people around the city.

The Aspire to Inspire is surrounded by amenities such as Saint Peter’s University Hospital, Rutgers University’s Downtown City Center and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The interior design of the building took a lot of thought, capital investment and expertise. Inside the tower, you will find one-bedroom and two-bedroom designer apartments with spacious and well-designed kitchen and bathrooms with bathtubs. It also contains offices and other rental spaces. In simple words, the design of the interior of the apartments is nothing like what you have seen before.The entertainment needs have been well-taken care of with state-of-the-art recreational facilities. Boraie Development went out of its way to bring the residents of New Brunswick a phenomenal building that will leave trendy and fancy renters’ mouths watering to get a piece of the residential spaces.

The Aspire is one of the many properties Boraie has developed in New Brunswick, Newark and even across New Jersey. Recently, it got into partnership with Shaquille O’Neal, a former NBA basketball star, to develop several properties in Newark and beyond

The two partners have undertaken many projects together including the renovation of an old theater in Springfield which made them to part with $7 million. Today, they are on a journey to develop more properties in Newark and distressed areas of New Jersey. According to the basketball star, it is the best was he can think of to give back to the community he grew up in

While Mr. Shaquille O’Neal brings his star power and financial muscle to the table, Boraie brings years of property development experience and expertise. They are working on several projects together

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a prominent New Brunswick property developer whose patriarch is known as Omar Boraie, an Egyptian chemist. Boraie has developed over one million square feet of commercial as well as residential property across New Jersey. While it strives for excellence in property development, it also seeks to promote the community where it operates in.

Lincolnshire Management Manages the Merger of Holley and Driven Performance

According to Lincolnshire Management (Lincolnshire for short). Holley Performance Products has been sold so it can merge with Driven Performance Brands.

Driven Performance Brands happens to be an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners.

The actual terms of this transaction have not been made public.

Holley started in 1903 and has one of the largest manufacturer, designer and marketer of brand products that sever the automotive aftermarket. The company has a good reputation in the American performance car industry. It has industry-leading brands like Hooker, MSD, ACCEL, Hooker, Superchips, Edge, Racepak, Weiand, Hays, Earls, Mallory, DiabloSport, and Quick Fuel Technologies. The main mission of Holley is to bring happiness and value to people who are very enthusiastic and passionate about their cars.

T.J. Maloney, chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Lincolnshire Management, believes that the strength of the brand and the talent of the management team at Holley have made it a great opportunity for his company. His company has been connected with Holley since 2013. His company has worked with the management team at Holley, headed by Tom Tomlinson, to increase their investment in new product management. Read the whole story in this article.

Ben Bartlett, a principal at Lincolnshire Management, thinks that Holley is a considered to be an icon after 100 years and has definitely proven that they can think can out of the box after doing focused product creation and making real connections with enthusiastic customers in the industry. Bartlett really likes the job that Tom and his management team have done at Holley. They know how to deal with the changes in technology and customer preference. During the time that Lincolnshire invested in Holley, their revenues have been tripled and their earnings have quadrupled.

Lincolnshire Management, a private investment firm, started in 1986 to focus on investing in middle market companies. Their headquarters is in New York City. They have other offices in Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, Acquiring private companies, recapitalizing, divesting companies, managing buyouts and growing equity for private and public companies are some of the activities that it does. They have 1.7 billion US dollars in their funds to invest in companies. Follow this link to read more

The Impressive Career of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

There are few surgeons who have made the impact the Dallas surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has made. A member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jejurikar has a practice focused on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose and overall body. Dr. Jejurikar has developed a reputation as being a sensitive, patient first doctor. He wants his patients to be satisfied with his work.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate. He would go on to attended the University of Michigan Medical School where he was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. As a doctor he believes in using innovative, top notch procedures. These include innovative approaches to aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery needs. Dr. Jejurikar puts an emphasis on cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and rhinoplasty. Even through these detailed procedures he is always focused on the individual needs of his patients.

Dr. Jejurikar has had the unique opportunity to help people who are less fortunate. He has traveled the world on medical mission trips helping impoverished people. These trips include trips to Bangladesh where he has worked with the non profit group Smile Bangladesh. Dr. Jejurikar considers it a high privilege to conduct such trips.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has had his work recognized many times. In 2013 he received the Compassionate Doctor Certification. In 2012 he was ranked among the top physicians in the nation based on patient reviews. His research has been published in several medical journals which include Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of Surgical Research and Annals of Plastic Surgery.

“Marc Beer Raises $42M for Renovia “

It was joy and celebration at Renovia Inc. after CEO Marc Beer announced that the company had raised $42 million to fund its upcoming project. For several months, the women startup based in Boston has been looking for ways through which they can finance a budget that will allow them to meet their objectives. According to the Chief Executive Officer, they collected $32 through a series B funding that was occasioned by one of the companies that recently invested in their organization. The remaining $10 million was raised through debt.

Pelvic floor disorders

After collecting the money, the company now has a sufficient budget to embark on developing solutions that will help to treat pelvic floor disorders. Their data shows that there are about a quarter of a million women affected by this condition, but there is not enough equipment to take care of them. In addition to that, the company says that these women are facing new challenges every day, yet new solutions are not being developed. It is this deficiency that they want to eliminate when they develop their upcoming products and introduce them to the world.

Diagnostic and therapeutic devices

Their focus is on developing products that will improve the diagnostic and therapeutic experiences of their customers. They want doctors to identify disorders with ease and the patients to get therapeutic care so that they do not feel burden by the effects of the disease. When they are done developing the products, it will be much easier for these women to get help than it has ever been experienced. What they hope to active is an efficiency that helps women suffering from pelvic floor disorders to live a comfortable life regardless of their health condition. Learn more:

Four more products

The CEO revealed that there would be for products that will be added to their line of inventions. These products are expected to revolutionize the way patents in this category get healthcare. For the quarter a million women that are affected by this disease, this announcement must be the best news they have received in recent times. Among the four products that they are supposed to develop is a new version of the Leva. The Leva has been one of the most useful instruments in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, and so, the company is convinced that a new version will bring more efficiency.

Marc Beer Information

An alumnus of Miami University in Florida, Marc Beer is the chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc. He took up this position after helping to co-found the company. Before that position, he had worked with many other companies including sitting on their boards. Therefore, he brings more than 25 years of experience to the organization, and this explains the reason he has been successful in raising funds over a short duration.