FreedomPop and WhatsApp Team Up for Expansion

“Zero-rated access” may not be a term most consumers are familiar with. The word “free” surely does make sense in people’s mind. FreedomPop has come up with a new plan. It is offering zero-rated access through the WhatsApp platform. Yes, that means service is going to be accessible in a totally free manner.

Facebook owns WhatsApp and it is extremely popular. FreedomPop is expanding in popularity among those interested in an outstanding budget mobile service. FreedomPop offers more than cheap service options. The Los Angeles company, originally founded in 2011, serves up free phone, text, and data on its entry-level plan. Free means free, unless a user opts to upgrade to an expanded service.

The way the WhatsApp setup is intended to work is, the minute data runs out, WhatsApp picks up the remainder. That is hardly a bad deal for those looking to maximize their money-saving potential.

In time, expansions on the use of WhatApp with FreedomPop are sure to take place. Spain represents the third market for FreedomPop with the first two being the United States and the United Kingdom. In the U.S. and the U.K., FreedomPop was a massive hit. Spain, a country with massive WhatsApp use, is likely to be another hit market for the company.

Spain is hardly going to be the final destination for FreedomPop’s growth plans. The company has raised $50 million in new funding, and a large part of that money is intended to help establish FreedomPop in a variety of markets across the globe.

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