CEO and Founder of Leading Direct Sales Gourmet Coffee Company, Bernardo Chua is a Success Worldwide

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of several direct sales nutrition companies that are leaders in the health food industry. As an entrepreneur in the networking business, he has become an excellent leader for two reasons:

1) he developed strategic methods of networking for his team and

2) he has great people skills and is able to connect with people in an amiable way.

Bernardo Chua, who has asked his distributors and management to call him “Bernie,” founded Gano Excel in 1999, which he closed in 2004. He then reopened a new company called Organo Gold with a new sales directive in 2008.

Organo Gold has received a number of awards, including the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry from the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards, and the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award for five separate years.

According to Zoom Info, it is as if Bernado Chua planned to use Gano Excel, his first company, to get out the kinks, and then he started Organo Gold, but he founded Organo Gold when he got the idea to infuse the rich Columbian coffees, herbal teas, and hot chocolate with the nutritional herb.

At Gano Excel, the Ganoderma was only distributed in capsule form. Today, Organo Gold is 55th in the direct sales corporations, and there are over one million distributors in 35 countries worldwide.

Bernardo Chuae developed his goal statement when he was only a teenager living in the Philippines. His mother used the ancient herb called Ganoderma, which was brought from China and known to be high in antioxidants and other nutrients. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Bernie knew that he wanted to introduce this incredible herb to the western world and eventually to the globe. His entire career has been committed to that goal.

Organo Gold has used Ganoderma in this unique way for almost a decade, and it is growing daily. Bernardo Chua realized that by infusing coffees and teas, people would be able to use it every day in their normal routine. Bernado Chua uses social media to share nutritional tips and information on his delicious gourmet coffees.

Employees Need Help with Social Security Planning

David Giertz, the leader of sales and distribution at Nationwide, says the company’s second yearly overview of people nearing retirement and those who are already retired uncovered various misguided judgments about Social Security. “Retirement is quite not the same as what they expected,” Giertz told PLANADVISER. “They trust they ought to take Social Security early as a time will come when it will run out.” Other misperceptions about the advantage highlight on cost – Forty-one percent didn’t thoroughly consider any costs from it, and life span, majority of people believe the human lifespan is smaller and majority believe of dying sooner than it happens” Giertz says on Instagram.

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These thoughts are adding to the retirement preparation emergency the nation confronts, David Giertz accepts, and plan advisers and sponsors have a chance to assist in educating members about the most ideal approaches to guarantee the benefits. One detaches—the measure of retirement payment future retirees trust Social Security will cover (52%) and the truth (40%) — is very expansive, Giertz says. One explanation behind the difference is the quantity of individuals who started taking the advantage early enough – 83% of study respondents in their retirement years needed to claim early due to job loss and health issues” Giertz says, which is a key source of regret. “The study demonstrated 33% wished they had held up.”

One astounding discovering, Giertz says, was the manner in which limited study respondents working with the counselor about Social Security: only 17% versus a year ago’s 12%. The number rose with a small range yet is still low, he says.

Combined with that figure is the 71% of individuals who showed they would search out another guide if their present consultant did not discuss about the Social Security at While the quantity of advisers talking about Social Security showed a slight ascent, Giertz says he expected a greater increment.

Mr. David Giertz is the President of NFS Distributors Inc. and Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales Organization. He is in charge of the entire distribution and strategy in private-sector retirements packages, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds through banks, specialty markets, independent broker/dealers, warehouses and regional firms.

What Celebrity Matches Your Personality Type, According to Psychology


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or the MBTI, is an introspective questionnaire used to categorize personality types based on how people make decisions and thus perceive the world. It is one of the most frequently used personality inventories, and is regarded by physiologists as one of the most consistently successful of its sort. Based on the typological theories of Carl Jung, the MBTI helps to determine how an individual experiences the four psychological functions –sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking– in their perception of the world.


So: how do you perceive the world? What celebrities and other successful figures see the world as you do?


INFP: The INFP personality, or “the meditator” is always looking for the good, even in the worst of situations. Celebrity INFPs are great diplomts and have a knack for self expression. They’re good at listening, though when it comes to actually talking, they like to keep a very close circle. Left unchecked, the meditator could resort to hermit mode, but their altruism and passion for beauty in the world encourages them to seek otherwise. Some famous INFP’s you may know include William Shakespeare, Princess Diana, John Lennon, and Isabel Briggs Meyers– one of the co-creators of the Myers Briggs personality inventory!

INTJ: The INTJ personality, or “the architect” is a strategic, capable, and curious kind. They may seem like total perfectionists, but it’s just their ambition at work. Some INTJ’s you may recognize are Hillary Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Lewis Carroll, and Sir Issac Newton.

ISTJ: The ISTJ personality, or “the logistician”, has a strong sense of personal integrity. They are keen to rules and traditions, but are also analytical and like to look at facts– not just poorly backed opinions. Natalie Portman, George Washington,and Queen Elizabeth II are some ISTJ’s who should sound familiar.

ISFJ: The ISFJ personality, otherwise known as “the defender” are big both on feeling and analyzing. They are altrustic, meticulous, and protective by nature. Halle Berry, Kendrick Lamar, Mother Teresa, and Kanye West may all ring a bell as ISFJ characteres.

INFJ: The INFJ personality, or “the advocate” is quite similar to the defender, but prefers to work towards the core of the issue so as to ensure that no one needs defending. They may at times be softspoken, but will nevertheless fight vigilantly for their cause. They are compassionate and good at making connections. Some INFJ’s you may recognize include Michelle Pfeiffer, Mahatma Ghandi, George Harrison, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

ENFP: ENFP famous people, also known as “the protagonist”, is a natural born leader, showcasing a knack for passion, charisma, persuasian, and authenticity. Walt Disney, Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, and Barrack Obama are all well-known ENFP’s.

INTP: The INTP personality, or “the logician”, are creative and innovative thinkers. They believe that the unexamined life is not worth living. They are driven towards intellectual pursuits, but must be careful to not the let the fear of failure drive them away. Famous INTPs include Albert Einstein, Tina Fey, Jesse Eisenberg, and Sigourney Weaver.

UKV PLC Remind Us Wine Should Be Enjoyed Through Their Online Presence

The wine industry can often feel staid and lacking fun, which is something the U.K. based vintners UKV PLC are seeking to change about the industry as a whole through their own Online presence on social media platforms.

UKV PLC has been a major part of the wine industry for a number of years and has always looked to keep clients of all budget ranges and buying experience happy with a range of information and news provided across different platforms, including Facebook and Instagram; recently UKV PLC has been bringing news of the ways the wine industry at all levels is changing with demand for wine hitting an all time high.

UKV PLC is not always looking to provide information for clients and wine enthusiasts about the highest end vintages and varieties of wine, but also to simply keep their social media followers abreast of the latest news and developments in the industry. Recent news items tend to feature highly in the Online presence of UKV PLC and have included articles and video from major news channels detailing stories like a small wine bar based in Washington D.C. has decided to sue the business of U.S. President Donald Trump over the negative effects their proximity to his hotel has had on their business.

The Instagram account of UKV PLC takes a slightly different approach to the news and advice based Facebook posts the company makes; using Instagram has allowed the vintners to explore their more fun side and make sure the tasting and collecting of wine remains a fun activity. Via Instagram this respected brand provides a glimpse into the vineyards and wineries that are found in the traditional production regions of Italy and France, along with fun posts taking a lighter approach to an industry that brings fun and excitement to the lives of millions across the planet.