Cassio Audi, Viper’s Master Drummer

A good song is as good as a spoken work and turns out to be vital to a person’s heart. For many years, the scope of music has transformed, and that is why we can currently boast of the existence of a variety of genres. Through time, instruments that have been in use in music production for centuries have also evolved all thanks to technology. Of all the music tools in existence, none has captivated the mind and soul of Cassio Audi like the drum set. Cassio apart from being a corporate executive, has also been a drummer, a life that might not many of us are familiar. Over two decades ago, Cassio together with his Viper Band performed in a concert organized by the Ozzy Pub found in Sao Paulo. During the event, Cassio was the drummer, a role he took with a lot of perfection. Other members of his team included Andre Matos the vocalist, Pit Passarell who played the base guitar, Guilherme Martin the director, as well as Felipe Machado and Hugo Mariutto who handled the guitar.

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