Dick DeVos

The community of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan at large recognizes Dick DeVos as a driver of change. The former chief executive of Amway Group is an aviation enthusiast, philanthropist, and reformer.

In the early 90s, DeVos co-founded the Grand Action group. The group is renown for changing the face of downtown Grand Rapids. The Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, the Grand Rapids City Market, and Michigan State University’s medical school are all credited to noble efforts of the group. The landmarks have influenced the town that Grand Rapids is today. Together with other members of the group, Dick DeVos oversaw these developments through donations and creation of institutions.

DeVos’ history with reform is traced back to his family. His father, Rich DeVos, was a major donor of Republican causes. Rich DeVos was the founder of the Amway Group. Dick and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have for decades sponsored policy and institution change causes. Betsy currently serves as Education Secretary. The DeVos family has for decades been big supporters of school-choice policies. The Dick and Betsy Family foundation has cumulatively donated millions of donors towards education, health, and leadership initiatives. Adoption of charter schools has marked most of their push for policy change.

Dick DeVos is a familiar face in Republican politics. In 2006, he unsuccessfully vied for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan. That aside, he has been on the frontline of policy change. The freedom-to-work state law of 2012 had a lot of backing from DeVos. The law removed union membership as a compulsory requirement for employment.

The love for aviation led Dick to form the West Michigan Aviation High School. The experienced pilot wanted to merge his love for education and aviation. He is licensed to fly single-engine planes. The school runs under a charter school model. The Gerald R. Ford International Airport, where the school is, has also been a beneficiary of Dick’s efforts. He was instrumental in attracting Southwest to offer direct flights from the Grand Rapids airport. The move meant opportunity for economic progress for the region.

Dick DeVos was appointed to the 13-member Management Advisory Council of the Federal Aviation Authority. His long career in management and impact in aviation in his hometown may have led to his appointment. He currently serves as president of the Windquest Group. The firm is a holding company with interests in technology, manufacturing, among other ventures.


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Neurocore’s Depression Management


The human brain is one of the body organs that has managed to amaze most people. The way it functions and how it crunches information remains a mystery to most of the researchers and scientist. Furthermore, it is always the source of information for all the activities happening in the body. The events may range from the thoughts, emotions, behavior, and perception. Chemical signals released by millions of cells in the body aid in regulating the electrical signal generated in the brain.

Therefore, to understand the mystery behind all these, one needs to know how the mind works. While all the information about the brain is still a mystery, the researchers and scientists are working around the clock to help unravel the mystery behind this powerful body organ.

Neurocore and the services they provide

Established in 2004, its central vision was to provide brain training, brain assessment tests, and enhancement. The center makes use of the neurofeedback, and EEG to aid in improving mental acuity and boosting the ability of the client to manage stress and depression. Additionally, the center combines neurofeedback with a particular type of feedback known as biofeedback. Biofeedback, also known as the heart rate variability learning, commonly abbreviated as (HRV). Neural training involves controlling the breathing patterns of one person using the therapeutic breathing methods. Therefore, to attain this, a person has to combine his/her subconscious mind with the regulation of the breathing patterns.

Neurotherapy Depression Management

Major/clinical depression is the most severe type of depression. This type of depression affected about ten million people in America alone. The finds were as a result of the research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health. Neurocore patients use what is known as the neurofeedback to exercise their brains on the how to overcome depression symptoms. Continuous use of ut help in overcoming the symptoms completely.

Additionally, to get the best results possible, the doctors are using the neurocore brain therapy training. This involves putting a subject’s brain through a series of tests to help overcome the thoughts that are brought about by the depression.

Guilherme Paulus Utilized The Diversity Of Brazil

The country of Brazil is home to an enormous diversity of human beings. This due to colonization, the slave trade, globalization and immigration. People with ancestry from all over the world live there. Various lifestyles are practiced. There are numerous tribal peoples who live more primitively in nature and have their own traditional rituals and religions. There are people who live in urban, suburban and rural areas with amenities. There are also people who live in such settings without amenities. People of various social classes live in the country. It is rather difficult to earn a living in Brazil when you are being paid Brazilian wages with Brazilian currency. The landscapes vary, depending on what part of the country you are in. The climates also vary. Brazil is the perfect place for tourism to exist because there is a really good mix of amenities, sites, landscapes and peoples.

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Perspicacious men like Guilherme Paulus have capitalized on the diversity and amenities of Brazil by doing business in the tourism industry. CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens is the pride and joy of the Guilherme Paulus. It is a tour operator that has reached into various aspects of the tourism industry. One aspect of the tourism industry that Guilherme Paulus has a foot in is the world of hotels and resorts. He also founded GJP Hotel and Resort.

The company that the business expert runs is never finished constructing new places for people to stay. CVC operates hotels all around the country. The company can give you a hotel experienced based on what landscape option you prefer. For example, there is a hotel option in Gramado, called St. Andrew’s Mountain. This hotel option allows patrons to experience temperate mountains in a town that was settled by Italian and German immigrants.

There is also a hotel option in Natal, called Wish Natal. This hotel option allows people to be near and explore the beautiful beaches that border the Atlantic Ocean. The climate of the area is permanently hot. So, a person is not limited to only certain parts of the year when it comes to planning out when to go there for hot weather.

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The Full Circle Success of Dr. Mark McKenna

This is the story of Dr. Mark McKenna whose journey took him from medicine to real estate and investing and back to medicine. Immediately after graduation from Tulane University, Dr. McKenna went to work as a doctor in his father’s practice. He quickly realized however that this was not the field of medicine he once knew. Treatment was controlled by insurance companies and he was struggling to earn a decent living. In order to pay his medical school loans, he began to privately invest his money. He became very good at it and after five years he left medicine and opened his own real estate development and investment firm.

Dr. Mark McKenna became a financial success and found that this new line of work was a satisfying challenge to him. However, hurricane Katrina hit his housing area in 2005 and as a result of the storm’s devastation, he lost millions. He never stopped working through and found ways to help his community by buying and flipping houses for low-income residents. He worked with community agencies and lawmakers to rebuild homes that had been destroyed by the storm. This work reminded him that his true passion was helping people and he decided to once again become Dr. Mark McKenna.

He founded a company called ShapeMed to provide aesthetic medical services to men and women. This venture grew from a single clinic to a network and was eventually purchased by Life Time Fitness. Since he was in no way ready to stop working, Dr. Mark McKenna opened OVME Cosmetics. This is a client-oriented healthcare company that uses the latest technology to perform elective procedures. The goal of OVME is to ensure that all procedures are minimally invasive, patient-centered, and convenient. Dr. McKenna even stated that the operation is so simple that anyone can order and schedule surgery online.

OVME clinics not only offer cosmetic surgery but also provide testosterone replacement therapy and PRP hair loss treatments for men, and wellness services including precision weight management. This is the way Dr. Mark McKenna always thought medicine should work.