Ted Bauman’s Dedication to Helping People Earn More

The key to living a happy life in the current world which is very completive is through acquiring large sums of money. This has been difficult for many people to achieve especially for individuals with low incomes considering the current cost of living. Ted Bauman is among those people who have discovered the need to assist people by giving them professional financial advice. That is why Ted decided to dedicate his entire life to connecting people with resources that will enable them to live freer financial lives. Ted was born in Washington and he grew in South America where migrated to when he was a young man. He has a bachelor’s degree in history and economics he attained from the University of Cape Town. Since he graduated from Cape Town University Ted Bauman has worked for several companies that have given him several opportunities to assist individuals to satisfy their financial needs. He has also been a fund manager for a low-income housing project and he has also been a member of numerous organizations such as Slum Dwellers International.

During the late stages of his career, Ted served the role of a consulted for international governments and the United Nations. Working with the international governments and the United Nations gave Ted Bauman an opportunity to understand how politics and economics influenced the society in several different ways. He then went back to his country in the year 2008 where he served the role of Director of International Programs. During his tenure as the director of International Programs, he was able to accomplish a lot in the sustainability and effectiveness sector using his vast knowledge in economics.

Ted Bauman also joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team as part-time editor in 2013. Being a talented and experienced writer, Ted Bauman started The Bauman Letter which is a newsletter that is focused on giving advice about ways of preserving and securing wealth. He also provides useful tips on investments and some of the unique strategies with a target of helping his subscribers. His recent project is the ‘Smart Money’ which is a weekly stock trading service.

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Malcolm CasSelle and how he Created a Name for Himself

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and the CIO of OPSkins, a leader in sales of in-game virtual assets. Even though OPSkins is the leader in the marketplace for virtual assets, it does have some limitations. OPSkins is in the process of launching a new platform for virtual asset trading, called Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX. CasSelle is also the president of WAX; he has had this title since August of 2017.

CasSelle has been a technological guru since it became popular. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from MIT, as well as his master’s degree from Stanford, both are in Computer Science. CasSelle got his start in the business in 1995 when he helped found and serve as the CTO of NetNoir. He was also an early investor in Facebook and Bitcoin.

Malcolm has an extremely IQ which has helped him to advise multiple companies in finical decisions and become the President of WAX. WAX serves 400+ million players online who collect, buy and sell items that are used in online games. There are coins that can be earned called “WAX Tokens.” These tokens are used not only in video games but can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. The platform provides a secure way for instant payment; that will help bring other players in. By bringing more people onto the platform it is growing the website and in turn helping to grow the online economy.

Malcolm CasSelle has been in the computer business for a long time. It has definitely been a good investment for him. He has been able to set himself up the have money coming in from all different resources. CasSelle is obviously good with money considering he has been the financial advisor to quite a few other companies. Now he is the president of one the most widely used platforms across the internet.yg

Wes Edens: A Business Leader Who Acts With the Future in Mind

Though a company may have adequate capital to support its operations, its impact won’t be great without effective leadership. Leaders determine the direction a company takes, and the time it may take to grow and realize its goals. Leaders with a rich background in management and finance help the business realize massive growth within a short time. Fortress Investment Group is among the luckiest companies with some of the smartest business minds in their leadership structure. Wes Edens is among the executive leaders who have given this company a new image and a deep voice across the globe. He executes his duties in this company as the co-founder and chairman.

Edens owns the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team since he is a great sports fan. Forbes has identified Wes Edens as one of the richest business leaders in America. He uses much of his wealth in identifying young people talented in basketball and training them to be future stars in the world of sports. Fortress Investment Group pays him 13 million dollars and his dividends are about 41 million dollars. Forbes has listed him number 297 in its billionaires’ list. Wes Edens believes that one of the greatest ways of utilizing wealth is helping the less fortunate in and the talented poor individuals in the community.

Education is crucial to anyone who aims at reaching the stars. Edens chose Oregon State University as his ideal institution for his finance studies. He had worked with other companies like BlackRock Financial Management and Lehman Brothers before he came to Fortress Investment Group. His oversight skills were felt when Softbank, a Japanese company was buying Fortress Group at 3.3 billion dollars. Those who have been close to his business dealings know that Wes Edens is a man who maintains a shrewd business outlook.

Although the gigantic Japanese firm has acquired Fortress Investment Group, it has allowed it to make independent operations. 1.6 billion dollars is said to be the net worth of this great business leader. The decision to let Fortress Group operate independently left the leadership of both the Softbank and Fortress Investment Group impressed. According to Softbank management, the acquisition has brought huge value addition that favors the activities of both organizations. Wes Edens says Fortress Investment Group has adopted a new management system where Peter Briger and Randal Nardone will head the group.