A Century Of OSI Industries

A century in business is something few businesses can possibly say about themselves. Most businesses never go beyond a decade even with the best strategy. The origins of OSI Industries are incredibly easy to relate to within the context of America. It was the meat deli of Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. Originally from Germany, Otto wanted to find a way to make it in America and he decided the best way to do so would be to open up his own deli and give people a way to purchase the meats they loved for themselves. His plan worked and brought us the seed that would create the corporation we know today.

OSI Industries was able to emerge from the suburbs of Chicago in order to make something more of itself as a result of the sons of Kolschowsky. They wanted to find a way to turn the family business into a national operation and they had the tools to do it. They used cryogenics in order to help them preserve the meat and gain an advantage over their competition. The competition had no way of handling this and eventually went out of business. OSI Industries simply emerged stronger.

OSI became the international corporation we know it as today when the Kolschowsky brothers asked for the assistance of financial experts who knew how to expand their business. These business experts helped OSI purchase foreign delis and food processors that had the potential to give OSI something it would’ve never had without them. This is how OSI gained a foothold in Europe and China where it continues to expand and dominate business. To increase its profitability the corporation has even begun to sell frozen dough, vegetables, and other goods that complement the meat OSI originally became famous for selling to fast food chains.

OSI isn’t finished yet by any stretch of the imagination. It is worth at least $6 billion with the potential to gain even more wealth. The fast food industry has always needed suppliers and it just so happens that OSI is one of the most respected suppliers out there. Nobody out there seems to have the same drive or the motivation as OSI. Other companies have copied OSI Industries in hopes of flipping the table on them to no avail. While every corporation faces challenges, it seems that OSI Industries always emerges stronger than ever before after every decade.

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