Alexandre Gama Outstanding Entrepreneur And Advertiser

Alexandre Gama, CEO and founder of Neogama, which is one of the most powerful advertising agencies in Brazil. Due to his outstanding Brazilian national success in the field of advertising, he has garnered several awards including being nominated as one of the seven most influential professionals in the entire history of Brazilian publicity.

Having earned multiple industry awards from various organizations such as the Brazilian Propaganda Professionals Association’s Agency Director of the Year, the Caboré Award, named one of the top 3 advertising agents in Brazil, Meio & Mensagem named him one of the 10 most important communications industry leaders, as well as winning the Golden Lion at Cannes, France.

Alexandre Gama has consistently shown himself to be an advertising and communications powerhouse that has dominated the Brazilian and international advertising scene. His renowned and business acumen has made him the pride of Brazilian advertising as well as an internationally significant figure.