Career Background of Chairman Hussain Sajwani, and His Staunch Commitment in Enhancing the Growth and Development of DAMAC Company

In 2017, DAMAC properties was recognized and ranked by Forbes as the best in their Global 2000 list of the world ventures with the most rapid growth. This achievement was heightened by the staunch efforts, and dedication of the firm’s founder, and chairman – Mr. Hussain Sajwani.

Having graduated from the University of Washington, billionaire Hussain Sajwani began his career with GASCO – a division of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, where he served as the contracts manager. Following entrepreneurial empowerment, the DAMAC owner started his own catering business in 1982, a venture which has ultimately succeeded today, with its more than 200 projects in its global subsidiaries, including the Middle East, and Africa.

After pioneering the expansion of property market in Dubai, and develop several hotels, Mr. Hussain Sajwani established his firm, DAMAC Properties, which have been offering property development services remarkably, crowning it as the chief property development firm in the Middle East.

In his global operations, Chairman Hussain Sajwani have intensively worked with the Trump Organization, ideally on their golf course projects. Remaining as the organization’s solid partner, DAMAC Properties have plans of designing another flagship golf course in Dubai – marking as the second Trump’s golf course, after the Tiger Woods.

As an enthusiastic leader, entirely focused and dedicated to seeing his venture expand, concurrently as the community’s sustainability is maintained, Mr. Hussain Sajwani keeps planning for more projects; even after last year’s, 2017, economic crisis. With it being the most severe year for the company, the fortune of the DAMAC owner went down to up to $3.6 Billion, which was a massive cut compared with its previous value, following the sudden fall of the share’s price.

Following his decades’ experience in investments, entrepreneur Mr. Sajwani firmly believes free trade as the most essential tool for business development. With the incentive, the DAMAC owner is immensely ambitious of investing in the major cities of Europe; aiming to give its residents a taste of their luxury properties.

While others see an economic collapse as a plague, Mr. Hussain Sajwani thinks of it differently. Being in the business industry for almost 38 years, and having studied its varying trends, profits and net worth is something that goes down and then revives again. Instead of getting attached to such times, waiting for it to grow back, the DAMAC owner advises that it is much noble to focus on development strategies, including adding work crew, and or improve the services offered, which in turn will help in the building of the brand name.

CEO Steve Ritchie has invested in diversity at Papa John’s

After running into some challenges, Papa John’s has responded to the message from their customers. The customers were demanding better from this pizza distributor across the world. Led by CEO Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s has focused on winning the confidence of the customers. Steve Ritchie sent out an apology letter to the employees and customers of Papa John’s when the business was undergoing through reputational challenges. According to the CEO, the company engaged in unconscious bias training, a program that they would roll out across the country. Also, to ensure that a repeat of the same is never allowed to happen again, the company has instituted independent control audit and investigation into the practices it has stood for. The aim is to develop a new culture that will allow the inclusion of diversity.

CEO Steve Ritchie engaged in a tour of Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This one was meant to listen to feedback from customers and franchise. The CEO was concerned that the business needed to listen to the voice of the people on the ground So that they can learn how to become better. The company also engaged a special advisory group which composed of respected experts on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion to help guide the brand in rebuilding its reputation. Papa John’s will also be creating a foundation that will be giving back to the community where its employees live and work.

CEO Steve Ritchie started working with Papa John’s 25 years ago. During this time, he has found a great working environment where people work side-by-side every day for the good of the business. Currently, Papa John’s has over 120,000 corporate and franchise team members located in different parts of the world. In such a situation, it is important for the organization to invest in practices that enhance equity, respect, fairness, and opportunity for all. Since Steve Ritchie took over as the CEO of the company at the beginning of the year, he has invested greatly in diversity, equity, and inclusion. These efforts started as just some task to be completed by a committee, but they have developed into an entire undertaking of all players associated with the company.

What Is Hussain Sajwani’s, Damac Owner, Plan Out Of The Rumbling Global Real estate Markets?

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire owner and founder of the Damac properties. At 66 years Sajwani owns a number of golf courses and luxury properties across the world. Hussain Sajwani often parers with the Trump organization and agrees with the opinion of the U.S president’s current trade tiffs with China. Damac properties aims at expanding. They plan to invest in European cities and are already building luxury properties in the United Kingdom.

The Trump organization and Hussain Sajwani has signed a common business agreement. Hussain Sajwani and Damac owner describes the trump organization quality and nice service provider. He also attributes the success of golf courses to the organization. Hussain Sajwani and Damac owner says although he is a friend to the sitting United States president, he does not influence governmental policies relating to his field of operation.

Current trade disputes may favor businesses in the long run

Hussain Sajwan, the Damac owner, views free trade as a platform for business development. He says although at times markets are cyclical he still has a plan on how to survive and succeed these harsh economic realities. The focus is on providing better customer service, developing the brand name and expanding the team.

Sajwani is proud to say Damac properties contributed to the expansion of the Dubai property market since its creation in 2002. This was also contributed by the expatriate ownership. Sajwani says the visa laws were a favorable factor to the development in the region after 2012.

Brighter future as the London real estate market opens up

Damac properties see the positive side of expanding in London this is by ensuring positions are maintained. They also have focused on sites around the city of London on any project that seems productive. Damac owner, Husain Sajwani, further maintains that they are looking at this as a long-term goal.

This is especially based on research, they carried out in 2017 which proves the city to have potential. Damac properties have well established residential properties, golf, private villas and parks in Dubai. Their aim is however focused at the European cities. Their main aim is setting up a flagship golf course in Dubai.

NewsWatch TV: A Magazine Show That Constantly Evolves

NewsWatch TV is an American broadcasting program that first aired in the 1990s. According to the creators of the show, it is important for them to evolve, and being updated with the trends is also essential. Starting as a monthly program that airs news about the business world, NewsWatch TV began to include topics related to entertainment. Seeing the viability of the show as an entertainment program, the creators decided to become a magazine television program, highlighting different stories from around the world. It gained the interest of the public, and they also gained additional viewership because of the wide variety of topics discussed in the television program.

In April 2011, NewsWatch TV started broadcasting stories focusing on tech news. They also introduced a new segment in their show, allowing their audience to rate the devices that they are featuring. It allowed the television program to expand their viewership, and more people started to become interested in the format of the show, gaining additional ratings in the process. The changes of the show’s formula in the 2010s also marked another milestone for NewsWatch TV – they are now partnering with Fortune 500 companies, featuring different products and services from various businesses.

NewsWatch TV continued to expand their audience by adding more segments that are related to technology. In 2012, a new segment called AppWatch debuted on the television show, and it became an instant hit because of how the talented Andrew Tropeano presented it. AppWatch reviews the latest application that can be downloaded on mobile devices. Scores are given to each application depending on their usability and its entertainment value. Through NewsWatch TV, many software developers instantly had a surge in the number of downloads, after their work was featured in the television program. NewsWatch TV continues to think about new segments that would allow them to receive new audiences.

The Career of Mark Beer

Mark Beer is a renowned businessman and a philanthropist. The individual graduated from the Miami University in Ohio with Bachelor of Science. After completing school, Beer sought experience in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, devices, and biotechnology where he gained more than 25 years of expertise in the areas. After establishing the Renovia Inc in 2016, Beer and his co-founder instantly completed a series A funding project. Renovia is one of the most recent achievements of Beer in a line of many other significant convergences of technology and medicine. The individual suits the position to lead the group considering the positions he held before and his achievements.

The leader completed a $42-million series B funding project that shows an improvement not just for Renovia but for Mark Beer and the community at large. Beer gained much leadership positions after taking the position of the CEO of ViaCell. The biotechnology firm that dealt with the development and collection and preservation of umbilical cord stem cell later acquired a new possession to one Perkin Elmer. The group went to public in 2005 and garnered a total of 300 workers by the time it got sold. Before Renovia, Beer worked in various other leadership positions, like the executive vice president of global marketing. Other posts helped Beer gain insight into diagnostic and pharmaceutical sections. All the positions Beer took developed his experience not just about medicine but in knowing what the patients needed. The experience gained over the time can help Beer serve his customer accordingly at Renovia.

The company has products among them, Leva, designed to help women regain the pelvic floor health. The issue of the pelvic floor is widely spreading across the world. Renovia is working day in and out to bring out new products to the market. The group utilizes the Leva pelvic digital health system for women successfully gaining the trust of many people. The training product ensures that women befit from the pelvic floor straightening exercises by performing them correctly. Many other problems get related to poor pelvic floor health and straightening. Therefore, one should ensure the correct methods get used. Researches show that more than 250 million women live with the urinary incontinence. Weak pelvic floor muscles suggest pelvic floor disorder. The pelvic floor consists of interconnected muscles. When affected, the pelvic floor can interfere with the ability to hold urine since it locates above the bladder.

Renovia plans on utilizing some of the funds in establishing new clinical trials. The trial that commenced this year compares the performance of the women using the Leva device for strengthening the pelvic floor to those who perform the exercise without the help of the device. Mark Beer expects an enrollment of over 225 women in the course of the study. Learn more:

Deirdre Baggot Develops Reputation As Go-To Healthcare Business Strategist

Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, RN, is a Denver, Colorado-based business strategist who works in the healthcare field. She is deeply involved in healthcare payment reform, in particular bundled payments. She has offered consulting services to hundreds of American hospitals who want to transition from a traditional payment method to bundled payments which have benefits for their bottom lines as well as patient satisfaction.

Deirdre Baggot has written over twenty research papers about reforming healthcare and adopting bundled payments. She has appeared on shows like the Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Planet Money where she has been the featured expert on healthcare reform. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) appointed Deirdre Baggot as one of their expert reviewers during two through four stages of the Bundled Payments Model. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on crunchbase

After completing high school, she earned a nursing degree and was a Gregory Laverty Scholar. She also has a business administration master’s degree acquired at the Loyola University Graduate School of Business. Her Ph.D. was awarded at the University of Colorado.

She has been the keynote speaker at multiple medical conferences around the United States such as the Pay-for-Performance Summit, Bundled Payments Summit, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and the American College of Healthcare Executives. She spent ten years in the field of academic healthcare during which time her CEO left in order to become a consultant. He convinced her to join him and so she joined The Camden Group where her specialty was value-based reimbursement.

When she first started consulting she wasn’t really very sure whether she would be good at it or not. She didn’t have any experience in that line of work, She had a solid team behind her, though, who taught her everything she needed to excel as a consultant.

Deirdre Baggot says she has had a number of great mentors during her career. She first points to Jean Pryzbylek at Northwestern who is a c-suite executive that has great people skills. She also gives credit to Marge Calarco at the University of Michigan who really helped her develop the business skills she has needed to thrive.



Ryan Seacrest: The Man With Many Roles

Ryan Seacrest is an award-winning innovative entrepreneur and he is the distinguished host of American Idol. He started hosting American Idol back in 2002. It has really helped catapult his life to many different places within the media and entertainment field. He can be heard on radio hosting his number one nationally syndicated Los Angeles morning drive-time show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. You can also hear him hosting the nationally syndicated top 40 radio show which plays the weeks top acts in music.

Ryan Seacrest can be found co-hosting and being the executive producer on Disney/ ABC syndicated morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. During the New Year’s Eve festivities, he also can be seen hosting and executive producing ABC’s annual program, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. He executive produces Keeping up with the Kardashians and E! Live from the red carpet award shows. His entrepreneurial interests have guided him to different types of media and entertainment companies.

He has a thriving lifestyle endeavor, which happens to be a menswear collection called, Ryan Seacrest Distinction which is sold exclusively at Macy’s. The line was created to help men get that signature tailored and clean business suit that Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has been praised for wearing. Then he also has a men’s skincare line in partner with Dr. Lancer, a respected global dermatologist, called Polish. Polish was created to help everyday men improve their skin, which helps with your overall health and wellness, as well as make you look and feel good about your skin. Then Ryan also has his many endorsement deals.

His philanthropic intentions has a positive significant impact on the youth nationwide. As he sits as the chairman of his own foundation Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), he is responsible for opening 10 broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals across the country called Seacrest Studios. The foundations sole purpose is to help enhance the quality of life for children who are seriously ill and/or injured. These multimedia and interactive platforms are there to encourage, entertain and educate the children.

TV host Ryan Seacrest is a man who has his input into many projects, making him a man with many roles!


Upwork  Learn How to Create To-Do List that will Work For You

For becoming successful as a freelancer, make sure that you develop the habit of maintaining a to-do list. It is also essential that you prepare your to-do list in advance always so that you are ahead of your deadlines. Upwork is an online platform that allows freelancers and clients to connect easily and in an organized fashion. The company offers the opportunity to freelancers to earn money and that too while working on their own time. Freelancers can use their skills and work for multiple clients rather than working for just one company.

If you are a freelancer, you would know how important it is to have a to-do list. Upwork posted an article on its blog recently where it talked about why every freelancer should have a to-do list. With the help of a to-do list, you would never miss out any deadline, and it would also help you get more positive reviews from the clients. More positive reviews mean more work as the clients are very picky when it comes to choosing a freelancer. If you have a lot of positive reviews, rest assured that new clients won’t have any problems in choosing you. A to-do list can help you get through your tasks easily by making you more focused.

Upwork said in the article that tasks should be written on a to-do list in order of priority and as per deadline. It helps you stay in the schedule and never miss any deadline. The tasks that are time-consuming and huge can be divided further into smaller tasks to help you feel less burdened. The important tasks should be completed first, and the tasks with a longer deadline should be completed afterward. Freelancers can earn money working in their own time and yet earn as much as a person working full-time for a particular company.

Guilherme Paulus – A Zealous Hotelier And A Tycoon

Guilherme Paulus is an enthusiastic investor and a businessman who has specialized in the hotel and tourism sector in Brazil. He is the co-founder of the CVC Brasil. The company is premier tours and Travel Company in Latin America. He also founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts that runs over twenty hotels and resorts.

How he ventured into Business

Mr. Guilherme Paulus roots the idea of having his company to one Mr.Carlos Vicente who he had met on a cruise. At that time Mr.Vicente was a state deputy, and he was contemplating on starting an agency in Santo Andre that would deal in tourism. Mr.Paulus played a significant role in putting his ideas and efforts that helped in starting the business. The two people worked together for only four years after which Carlos Vicente opted out, and Guilherme Paulus took over. Then business later grew to be a leading tour company both locally and internationally. It has partnered with key players in the hotel and tourism sector and even airlines.

In 2009, Paulus sold a 63.6 percent stake of CVC to the Carlyle Group at the cost of $420 million. And in 2013 the company had its shares listed in the stock market. The annual revenue of the company has reached $5.2billion, and this continues to increase.

The GJP has the Linx, Prodigy and Wish hotel groups. The hotels are in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Maceio, and Recife.

Social Responsibility

The hotelier participates in projects that help foster education to less privileged people. He has also supported the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism. His business has also provided financial assistance to the Dr. Klaide Care and Education.


In 2017 Guilherme Paulus featured on the magazine of Isto E Dinheiro as the Entrepreneur of the Year. This recognition was as a result of his spending over $600 million in the construction of new hotels.


Mr. Paulus is enthusiastic about establishing at least 100 stores annually. Though he sold the CVC tour company, he still has a stake in the business and contributes to the success of the business. He is a key player in the economy of Brazil as he has helped create more employment opportunities to the citizens of the country.

Ted Bauman’s Dedication to Helping People Earn More

The key to living a happy life in the current world which is very completive is through acquiring large sums of money. This has been difficult for many people to achieve especially for individuals with low incomes considering the current cost of living. Ted Bauman is among those people who have discovered the need to assist people by giving them professional financial advice. That is why Ted decided to dedicate his entire life to connecting people with resources that will enable them to live freer financial lives. Ted was born in Washington and he grew in South America where migrated to when he was a young man. He has a bachelor’s degree in history and economics he attained from the University of Cape Town. Since he graduated from Cape Town University Ted Bauman has worked for several companies that have given him several opportunities to assist individuals to satisfy their financial needs. He has also been a fund manager for a low-income housing project and he has also been a member of numerous organizations such as Slum Dwellers International.

During the late stages of his career, Ted served the role of a consulted for international governments and the United Nations. Working with the international governments and the United Nations gave Ted Bauman an opportunity to understand how politics and economics influenced the society in several different ways. He then went back to his country in the year 2008 where he served the role of Director of International Programs. During his tenure as the director of International Programs, he was able to accomplish a lot in the sustainability and effectiveness sector using his vast knowledge in economics.

Ted Bauman also joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team as part-time editor in 2013. Being a talented and experienced writer, Ted Bauman started The Bauman Letter which is a newsletter that is focused on giving advice about ways of preserving and securing wealth. He also provides useful tips on investments and some of the unique strategies with a target of helping his subscribers. His recent project is the ‘Smart Money’ which is a weekly stock trading service.

Ted Bauman’s Facebook Page