US Money Reserve Continues To Show Online Prowess through Its New Website and Electronic Catalogue

US Reserve is an organization that has been availing government-issued precious metal products for the longest time. The firm was initiated over sixteen years ago and has emerged to be leading in this market. It is a private distributor serving a significant number of people spread across the US by providing them with gold, silver, and platinum products.


The latest update by the US Reserves shows is clear demonstration that the organization has taken over the industry. With the introduction of the e-commerce website and catalog, the organization is expected to attract a significant demand for the gold, silver and platinum coins consumers. Besides, the announcement of shows that the organization is devoted to providing effective and first class customer care services.


The new website shows various images of the company’s leadership as well as the different coins available. Additionally, the site promotes the US bullion and betters the experience of possessing gold, platinum and silver coins.


The band and creative vice president believe that the website and the online catalog would allow them with good content and enhance communication with their clients. Besides, he believes that these platforms would boost their control in the market.


If you are a client with US reserve, the e-commerce website and online catalog guarantee you free information about the precious metals in addition to the minting, buying and grading of the coins. The announcement shows that the organization has raised their online presence thus increasing competition on both the precious metals as well as government bullion prices. The website also allows gold owners to monitor the gold prices by availing the gold market news.


Customers are fascinated by this advancement in the US reserve as they can access direct customer care services through their client connect advantage. Furthermore, this platform enables the customer care staff to contact clients in cases of offline releases. Besides, the staff can help clients with purchasing of the coins or bullions. Moreover, customers can access secure and safe offline transactions from the organization staff.


To deliver quality services, US. Money Reserve is run by a team of trained professionals. The staff is highly knowledgeable about the gold, silver and platinum markets to ensure that they advise you wisely on where to invest your money to make great profits.


Therefore, if you are looking forward to diversifying your assets, then you should consider contacting the customer care executives from US Money Reserve for advice. The organization has the best solutions and services for you, especially after their latest announcement.

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How Cotemar Focuses On The Logistics Of Its Business

Cotemar is Mexico’s most trusted provider of petroleum and petroleum products and they got where they are today by focusing on high-quality logistics and transportation. Just why does logistics matter in this business and what benefits does it provide you? Those are valid questions and ones that deserve a good answer.



Specialized Logistics Services

Cotemar has a diverse and high-functioning class of vessels that are designed to be personal carriers of a wide range of items. For example, they provide transportation for their workers, move light materials back and forth, and can be move food from one place to another. Their fleet even includes firefighting boats, towing vehicles, and large barges for the transportation of their petroleum products.


Logistically moving all of these items is a major challenge, one that Cotemar takes very seriously. They spend days planning each trip in advance to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes. Mistakes such as a poor route or a lack of food could be dangerous for the fate of each ship, costing them money and potentially endangering the environment.



How Poor Logistics Could Impact You

It might be hard to imagine how poor logistics in a petroleum company could impact you, but you’d be surprised. Think of what would happen if one of Cotemar’s ships crashed and spilled oil into the ocean. This would immediately impact the environment, killing animals and making a dangerous mess that would take years to clean.


Beyond that, it could also impact your pocket book when Cotemar’s stocks took a hit. They would have to raise their prices and, as as result, everyone would suffer. Thankfully, Cotemar’s dedication to high-quality logistics makes them one of the safest and accident-free petroleum company’s on the market. They don’t just lead Mexican dealers: they are at the top of the world’s providers.


As a result, it is safe to say that logistics is one of those small details that can’t be overlooked when choosing a petroleum provider. This is especially true if you’re a representative of a larger business and you need to find someone who is easy to work with and who can meet your specific needs effectively.

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Solutions offered for Williamson County’s biggest Headache, Traffic

Most of the discussions that are held in Austin revolve around the area, however, the meeting that was held last Thursday was a little different because it focused more on the biggest thorn to the communities that leave in the suburbs, transportation. It has been discovered that this is a major challenge for the community and that the sooner it is addressed, the easier it will be for the community to move around.

Speaking at the meeting, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein stated that new inventions such as driverless cars and applications that encourage carpooling were on the rise. He noted that if used properly, these inventions would change the manner in which transport was handled in this town. He reiterated that there was need for the community to revisit and restructure the manner in which transport was organized. The transportation capacity of Austin has been growing and if well exploited, the problems facing the community would reduce or come to an end.

He stated that Williamson County had done a lot when it comes to the restructuring of their infrastructure. However, he noted that as long as the population was growing and more people were moving into the city from other areas, the community would have to keep creating more roads and making sure that the roads are smarter, advanced technically and very efficient.

A question was raised about the steps that could be taken to prepare for the transportation needs that would come up in the future. Mike stated that to start with, the land use codes which had been flexible for the past few years needed to remain that way. He state that while it was approaching a time when there would be autonomous vehicles, they would still need the same infrastructure that is being used presently. He therefore encouraged the people to keep making room for new garages, refilling stations, other similar structures.

Uber’s John stated that there was need to address the problem of the first and last mile car riders. He stated that the best mode of transportation for this group of residents was the model provided by the company.

Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The organization was set up in 2002 to address issues within the sector. He has been a public official in the Williamson county for the past 23 years and has served as a committee member in several other organizations. He is an exceptional and transformational leader in the community.

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Copa Star, a Modern and Innovative Healthcare Facility

Copa Star hospital is renowned for the high quality medical care services it provides. This healthcare facility consists of modern equipment and innovative plans that aim at offering revolutionary care to different patients. Copa Star hospital is highly valued by many individuals who recognize its validity and inventiveness. This facility was carefully designed by professional architectures to conserve energy. Interestingly, all energy systems available in this hospital including lighting, air conditioning, heaters, water pumps, elevators and medical equipment on are installed in a unique way that makes use of indirect energy and direct energy efficiently. Additionally, the aesthetic value of this facility comes from the well-designed ventilated facade that surrounds different areas of the hospital. The design of the facade adds to energy conservation.

Secret behind Its Success

This facility resembles a five star hotel which gives it a comfortable and friendly feel. This has made it easy for clients to enjoy their stay within the hospital. Apart from having a relaxed environment, Copa Star hospital ensures that all patients get a high level of attention and medical care. Copa Star offers a broad spectrum of services including emergency services. Furthermore Physicians working in this facility are highly trained in image diagnosis, cardiology, intensive care, general surgery, digital radiology, vascular surgery, intensive care unit (ICU) and orthopedics among others.

With a luxurious environment, Copa Star hospital is the best place for patients recovering from various illness and surgery. Currently, this facility has outshone other large competitors following the top notch technology it uses. Many patients are attracted to this hospital because of the therapeutic spaces and exceptional comfort offered within the facility.

Why It Outshines Other Healthcare Facilities in Brazil

Copa Star is highly regarded in Brazil, since it serves a reasonable number of patients in Rio de Janeiro. With exclusive accommodation and personal service, guests and patients are guaranteed proper care. Copa Star hospital uses Smart Hospitality, in that, each patient is given a tablet that enables them control both light brightness and room temperature at their own comfort. Furthermore, using the tablet on, patients can make video calls in case of an emergency, to the nursing staff. It also allows them send request to the cleaning personnel within the facility.


To ensure all patients are at ease, Copa Star hospital provides amazing hotel services. The inner decors of this facility are designed with paintings from Yutaka Toyota, which symbolize human spirit’s inner strength. They are very encouraging and peaceful. In addition, the Bernstar restaurant offers gourmet level food prepared by trained chefs. These foods are light and healthy thus very good for patients suffering from gastronomical distress. Copa Star hospital provides hospitality while being committed and dedicated to offering high quality medical care to patients with different health concerns.

Lori Senecal:An Innovative, Visionary Leader

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky CP+B reveals PR Newswire. She is in charge of driving the advertising agency’s strategic vision and playing a consultative role while working with partner agencies to encourage cross-collaboration and fuel growth. Prior to taking the position she was KBS’ Global executive chairman. For the past five years she has led the movement for advertising companies focus on genuine invention and move away from hyperbole. Senecal’s believes true innovation gives the brands her company represents a competitive advantage.

While she was at KBS, Lori Senecal created agency business units that focus on start-up investment, technology and content creation. Today she fuels invention and culture by encouraging her staff to create the career they want by backing and incubating their start-ups and passion projects. She also inspires and incentivizes her employees by holding agency-wide invention competitions. At KBS Senecal was able to help the company to grow from a domestic agency with a staff of 250 to a worldwide company with a staff of more than 800 people because of her excellent leadership skills.

Senecal’s work at KBS led the company to be hailed for three years straight as one of the best places in New York City to work as well as be on the list of Ad Age’s Standout Agencies. The company now works with blue-chip clients like Victoria’s Secret, BMW, Boar’s Head, Vanguard, American Express and many others thanks to the systems and culture Senecal created there. She has also had a similar impact while working as president of McCann Erickson’s New York office and as the McCann Worldgroup’s global chief innovation officer. Senecal also founded the company’s young-adult specialty marketing unit TAG Ideation.

Lori Senecal has won many accolades for her work. They include being named a 2014 Woman to Watch by Ad Age and a 2013 Quantum Leap award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. She also frequently shares her thought leadership and industry insights through her television appearances, speaking engagements, op-eds and award juries. She is also founder of the Isaac Award. The award celebrates and honors student invention. Visit to learn more about Lori.


Making a Successful Entrepreneur by Adam Milstein

With the idea of finding out what makes Adam Milstein successful and the strategy he employs to reap full returns, IDEAMENSCH conducted a one on one interview with the philanthropist on the 9th of December 2016.

When asked the idea behind Hager Pacific Properties, he attributed it to the desire to go out on his own. He arrived at the States with the aim of pursuing further education. A few years later, he graduated with a Master in Business Administration.

However, the hiring organizations saw him as an inexperienced and less knowledgeable person. As a result, the companies offered him a much lower pay, much less than an undergraduate was making. Lack of appreciation from the employers prompted him to go out on his own and work as a real estate commercial broker. After three years, he became an investor in the real- estate and introduced Hager Pacific Properties.

A typical day, according to Milstein often changes regularly. The structure of events changes as one continues to acquire more assets. However, his entry into philanthropic work ensures his day to day events are much more fulfilling.

To be successful, you have to be ready to follow your plans through to completion. Among the things that excite Milstein is the ups and downs he faces in the real estate business. For instance, the supply always falls behind the demand. The prices are ever fluctuating and getting results in the real estate industry takes time and requires patience.

According to Crunchbase, Adam Milstein advises the future entrepreneurs to go a mile further and understand the underlying issues themselves. Relying on other people will not improve your Knowledge. Active participation will most certainly make someone better.

One of the mistakes that an entrepreneur can ever make is trying to be successful in a short time. Investing everything in one idea may cost an individual. The road to success is long and needs patience. Additionally, in all that you do, always leave room for family and rest. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Adam Milstein is a Native of Israel. He is, however, an American Businessman and Philanthropist. After participating in the Yom Kippusr War, he enrolled at Technion University. He got married to Gila Milstein and moved to the USA. Today, through Adam and Gila Family Foundation, he provides charitable services aimed at strengthening the Jewish Community.


Fabletics takes on Amazon through a Reverse Showrooming Business

Fabletics is a leading online retailer that deals in accessories and sporty clothing for women. The company operates mainly on a subscription business model at their main website. It strives to bring personalized clothing based on one’s tastes in fashion and personality. The online retailer was established by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg in the year 2013. It had its official launch in October 2013 where it opened doors for customers. The firm has been on the fast path to growth. It recently opened a new line of sales that was an FL2 program for men’s athletic wear.


Throughout the years, Fabletics has succeeded because it has focused on a creative business model. The firm has started a successful advertising campaign with the help of social media. The previous belief was that the online marketplace was impenetrable. Some big players had a monopoly in the industry like Amazon. However, Fabletics has disproved the popular belief. The main for its success is its subscription model that creates a reverse showrooming. Many companies that operate online operate like showrooms. Possible buyers come to view products and later decide to purchase at a cheaper location elsewhere. However, Fabletics subscription and membership business model has attracted and retained customers. Potential clients that have liked the products sold by the company can purchase at a lower price by becoming members.


Showrooming has been the reason for several failures in several retailers. Another example would be shopping online through your smartphone and deciding to make a final purchase through a physical store. The internet community has seen the introduction of a reverse showrooming business model. Online shoppers find it easy to shop and make their final purchases online. The availability of discounted items at the stores has made customers stick with a certain brand. Fabletics has capitalized on clients who buy on the internet by building its business model through a membership feature. Buyers can purchase products at very low prices. Shoppers can also find product designs that are not typically available in other retailers.


Fabletics started by surprise and has taken the e-commerce fashion industry by storm. The masterminds of the business have a great and viable business plan. It has allowed them to maximize on their reachable audience. One thing is sure; Fabletics wants to create the possible experience for users. Customers that shop the internet can purchase what they want and have the best shopping experience. Fabletics’ business model has helped them take down top retailers in the industry such as Amazon.


A business that goes online faces several issues. Clothing tends to have a limit on styles. Even though Amazon sells clothing from different brands, its selection of styles is usually limited when it comes to athletic clothing. Fabletics saw the market gap and decided to introduce their unique products. The company has branded itself as selling stylish and elegant activewear. The clothes are usually fitted for people that want to improve their comfort and confidence when exercising. Fabletics continues to expand by opening several brick and mortar stores at different locations.

The Veteran and Now The Chairman of Capital Group

Timothy Armour, also known as just Tim, is the current chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group, for the Los Angeles office. Tim also is an equity portfolio manager with more than thirty three experience in the investment field. All these years with the Capital Group has earned several tittles during his career. He is also the current principal executive officer at Capital Research and Management Inc. his career path was shaped during his years at Middlebury College where he graduated with a degree in economics and from there on, joined the Capital Group.

After his graduation, Tim Armour worked at the Capital Group as a participant to the Associates Program in the year 1983. His hard work and ambition was recognized by the management and he was then made the equity investment analyst. Here, he was delegated with the role of engaging in international telecommunications and also overseeing service companies in the United States. His dedication to his work was once again recognized by the management and he was made the assistant chairman. As an executive, Tim worked alongside his colleagues in the executive level to ensure that the company’s operations ran smoothly and were well monitored.

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Prior to being named the chairman of the Capital Group, Timothy Armour worked for the company at the position of the company’s chairman of the management committee. When James Rothenberg, the former chairman died of a heart attack in 2015, it was easy for him to take the position, given that his passion and determination has been seen by the company for the past thirty three years he has worked for the company. As the new chairman, Timothy Armour assures his clients that the company will continue giving them better returns regardless the financial situations the world is facing.

Since he was appointed, he continues to prove himself by leading the company in the right direction. He goes ahead to advise managers and leaders to invest quality time studying their companies as this is the only way that they can tap opportunities and uncover markets that had not been before. By being actively involved with the company and the industry it operates in, they are in a better position to acquire competitive advantage over other firms.

Timothy Armour is indeed a huge asset to the company. With his years of experience and his personal and interpersonal skills, Capital Group is guaranteed to forge ahead and continue being the largest investment fund companies in the world.

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George Soros’ Opinion on Ukraine Deserving Debt Relief

Ukraine is struggling to negotiate with its creditors to strike a deal, to fulfill IMF’s demands before getting further financial support says George Soros. The Russian aggression has seen Ukraine’s economy suffer a great deal making its current foreign debt ($19 billion) unsustainable. Talks are currently undergoing in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Ukraine has no recourse to bankruptcy as there is no chapter 11 provision for sovereign borrowers. Like George Soros, there is no provision seeking to institute a negotiating period between borrowers and creditors to look at the debts that should be reorganized or mediate negotiations between them. Ukraine and the private lenders can only negotiate on a setting where “might makes right”.

Ukraine’s Negotiating Leverage
In this setting, Ukraine has one option as leverage during the negotiations; threaten to default if it does not get debt relief. However, it is expected that if it chooses this route then bondholders will warn the country that no investors will invest in the country in the long term according to George Soros Ukraine. Sovereign defaults are very costly but, they harbor lasting effects if the lenders decide to drag out the battle like in Latin America (1980’s) or Greece today. If a country and its lenders reach an agreement fast, it will only take a year or two to get back on track. It is not the default that keeps the country outside the markets rather the prevailing economic problems that were at fault for the default first. Source:

Brady Plan in 1989
Nicholas Brady, a former U.S. treasury secretary, understood this issue and unveiled a plan to deal with it. It pushed for banks to consider debt relief for at least the countries in Latin America looking for sensible reforms. Brady understood that the savvy investors like George Soros would consider the future as opposed to the past when deciding whether to lend to a country that has defaulted. Brady is presently the chairman at Derby Overseas Investments, Franklin Templeton’s private equity firm. Franklin Templeton is the largest bondholder in Ukraine and is against debt relief. Reconciling the position of Mr. Brady in 1989 to that of today is proving hard.

Ukraine Government’s Efforts
Ukraine government is fighting in a heroic way for the reforms that Brady advocated for back in 1989. These include corruption eradication, judicial system reforms, wean the country from Russian gas, boost agriculture, integrate economy into the EU, clean the banking system etc says George Soros. If debt relief can boost these reforms, investors ought to demand for it like IMF and ignore the perception that it will spell doom. If Ukraine chooses to default as the only means of getting relief then investors ought to applaud rather than condemn Ukraine for choosing it.

Revival of a Sovereign-Debt Restructuring Mechanism
Recently there have been efforts by academics and policy makers to renew a restructuring mechanism of sovereign debts along chapter 11 lines. It’s unlucky for Ukraine and others there are arguments that view default as ruining their reputation, it is against the US bankruptcy code. Chapter 11 views forcing a company (heavily indebted) to pay its debts in full as bad for business making debt relief better. The lenders should state they oppose debt relief openly rather than state that it is not good together with the default option.

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Dick DeVos Brings In A Solid Business Executive For The Stow Company

Dick DeVos has spent years running businesses, most notably during his time at Amway Corporation and now as CEO of The Windquest Group. But he’s also done quite a job finding professionals to run his subsidiary businesses which are part of The Windquest Group’s holdings, including home storage manufacturer The Stow Company.

DeVos recently hired Phil Dolci as the new CEO there to replace the retiring Frank Newman. Dolci has a great track record of running retail companies, including Kraft and Dean Foods, Sanford L.P., and most recently Crosman Corporation. DeVos has highly commended Dolci’s resume and is hopeful about the future of The Stow Company.

Dick DeVos spent many years at Amway Corporation, the company his father Richard DeVos Sr. co-founded with Jay Van Andel. This company is a prominent multilevel marketing company, which means they sell products directly to customers who can then become independent business owners and resell them to their own customers.

Dick got his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University, later going back to finish his master’s and doctorates, and he served as company vice president and later CEO during the 30 years at Amway. As CEO, he helped establish a parent company, Alticor and also grew the company overseas into 50 new countries. The company made billions in sales under Dick’s leadership. Learn more about Dick Devos:

Dick and his wife Betsy not only run The Windquest Group, they’ve started up a family foundation and been involved in philanthropic endeavors for over 20 years. Their primary efforts have been to change the education landscape in Michigan, and have done so through starting up scholarship funds such as Children First America and the Education Freedom Fund. Read more: Dick DeVos – President @ Windquest Group | CrunchBase

At one time they tried to get legislation for private school state vouchers passed, but came up just short. They have openly supported charter schools and even started one in 2010 called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

The DeVos’s have a long history with the Michigan Republican Party, including Betsy DeVos’s time as chair of the party. Dick won election to the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990, and later ran for governor in 2006 but lost to incumbent Jennifer Granholm.

He did help pass right-to-work state legislation in 2012, and has donated to non-profit groups including Heritage Foundation and Action Institute. Dick is also a recipient of the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving Award, and Betsy was recently tapped to serve as Secretary of Education in the upcoming Trump Administration.