Dr. David Samadi And His SMART Prostate Surgery Technique

It’s one of the things this man eats, drinks and breathes. He works long, hard hours, and he is a driven professional. He literally studies the newest techniques regarding prostate cancer surgery with his morning coffee. He is Dr. David Samadi, and if you have prostate cancer and live in the Northeast, he is the person you should talk to. And it’s not just because he is a dedicated professional either. It’s also because he has a pioneered a new procedure for prostate cancer, called the SMART technique.In the SMART technique, Dr. David Samadi utilizes the da Vinci robotic system and can have the patient fully recovered from the surgery in literally 24 hours or less. Moreover, this is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes the latest technology in order to remove the cancerous prostate.

Dr. Samadi employs what is called a Surgeon Console in order to perform this procedure. In this console, he has the Patient-side Cart and the EndoWrist instruments, and Dr. Samadi employs his expert surgeon hands to move each instrument into the correct position for a successful surgery. He is the one controlling the robot every step of the way.One of the things that continually excites Dr. Samadi would be the INSITE Vision System. In this development, Dr. David Samadi is able to see the full surgical field of the patient’s prostate in a full 3D viewing picture. Of course, this is a vast improvement over the old surgical function, in which only 2D vision was present. Dr. Samadi knows that this surgical system will help almost any man with a prostate issue. You can call his office today for a pre-consultation and a discussion regarding your options.

Besides being the pioneer of new surgical procedures, Dr. Samadi also likes to keep track of famous individuals in the news who might have prostate cancer issues. One of these would be former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Dr. Samadi recently noted just how encouraged he was about Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer, characterizing his prognosis as “good.” Dr. Samadi also noted how Romney fit the typical demographic for someone facing an initial diagnosis of prostate cancer-that of man aged 65 or older. Romney had just turned 70 when he received his diagnosis.Along with Dr. Samadi, we all wish Mitt Romney the best and of course one can only hope he has a doctor with as much expertise as Dr. Samadi!

Dr. David Samadi; the inventor of Samadi Adjusted Robotic Technique

It is evident that health sector remains the most vital sector of all societies across the globe. This is because a healthy people means healthy nation. Therefore, one will find that a community invests a lot in health to make sure its people are getting all the help they need. Different doctors offer health care in various facilities. Different doctors have diverse skills concerning what they specialized in when studying. One of the best and renowned doctors is Dr. David Samadi, head of Robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.Dr. David Samadi is a well-experienced physician who has offered his services not only in his country but also patients from other 40 nations. He utilizes state-of-the-art surgical robotics to treat prostate cancer efficiently. After diagnosing a patient with prostate cancer, he uses the surgical robotics as one of the treatment options. He says this method is efficient in that it ameliorates spectacular results and at the same time prevent different harmful effects.

It is well known that currently, cancer is the leading killer diseases. In males, prostate cancer leads the way to lung cancer. This only means the works of Dr. Samadi are highly welcomed because this says that he satisfies a need in the society.His dream of becoming a doctor developed right from a very tender age. Also, he had an interest in technology, and that’s why he grew his invention. Initially, when he began his career, he was using ‘normal’ methods to treat prostate cancer, but after a few experiences, he ventured in robotic surgery. Dr. Samadi is a man who believes in appreciating fellow professionals. He believes in healthy working relationships, and that is why he treats his staff like family.

For investors out there, he encourages them to invest in technology like telesurgery and similar techniques. He believes they are the future.Asides from working at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi, is a urology professor. Also, he gives talks on medicine on a well-known TV program just to share knowledge with people out there to be more informative. He was born in Iran and later moved to the US to continue with his studies, where he earned a degree in biochemistry at Stony Brook University. He then did his master and later specialized in oncology where he finally went to France for experience and exposure. His journey of a thousand miles began as a young boy and currently, he is among the best across the globe.