Lincolnshire Management Manages the Merger of Holley and Driven Performance

According to Lincolnshire Management (Lincolnshire for short). Holley Performance Products has been sold so it can merge with Driven Performance Brands.

Driven Performance Brands happens to be an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners.

The actual terms of this transaction have not been made public.

Holley started in 1903 and has one of the largest manufacturer, designer and marketer of brand products that sever the automotive aftermarket. The company has a good reputation in the American performance car industry. It has industry-leading brands like Hooker, MSD, ACCEL, Hooker, Superchips, Edge, Racepak, Weiand, Hays, Earls, Mallory, DiabloSport, and Quick Fuel Technologies. The main mission of Holley is to bring happiness and value to people who are very enthusiastic and passionate about their cars.

T.J. Maloney, chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Lincolnshire Management, believes that the strength of the brand and the talent of the management team at Holley have made it a great opportunity for his company. His company has been connected with Holley since 2013. His company has worked with the management team at Holley, headed by Tom Tomlinson, to increase their investment in new product management. Read the whole story in this article.

Ben Bartlett, a principal at Lincolnshire Management, thinks that Holley is a considered to be an icon after 100 years and has definitely proven that they can think can out of the box after doing focused product creation and making real connections with enthusiastic customers in the industry. Bartlett really likes the job that Tom and his management team have done at Holley. They know how to deal with the changes in technology and customer preference. During the time that Lincolnshire invested in Holley, their revenues have been tripled and their earnings have quadrupled.

Lincolnshire Management, a private investment firm, started in 1986 to focus on investing in middle market companies. Their headquarters is in New York City. They have other offices in Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, Acquiring private companies, recapitalizing, divesting companies, managing buyouts and growing equity for private and public companies are some of the activities that it does. They have 1.7 billion US dollars in their funds to invest in companies. Follow this link to read more

Kevin Seawright, An Expert In Leadership And Financial Management

Kevin Seawright is a renowned figure in leadership and finance. He currently holds a management position, and is the executive vice president at RPS solutions.

Seawright has extensive experience in public accounting and has used his broad range of managerial skills to launch the reaction department of the city park, alongside overseeing the management of public funds in Baltimore city. He is making his contributions to the city by solving the various issues facing housing markets. More particularly, Mr. Seawright is leading initiatives that focus on attracting more residents to sign up for mortgages. Kevin Seawright was also in charge of managing the public school system with the fundamental objective of restructuring the resource allocation process.

In his capacity as vice-president of RPS solutions, Seawright hopes to assist the individuals likely to be rejected by financial institutions based on poor credit. Under his leadership, the company reassures such individuals of getting affordable and eligible finance sources to fuel their homeownership aspirations. His vision is increasing the diversity of Baltimore city while enabling the residents to relocate to safer neighborhoods.

The executive vice president is celebrated for his accomplishments at Tito contractors where he led the initiatives that focussed on developing a series of housing projects. His tenure as the company’s financial manager was characterized by significant improvement of the living conditions of Washington DC residents.

Besides his successful career in accounting and real estate management, Mr. Kevin Seawright also attained an Executive leadership certification. Mr. Sea Wright has also served as the campaign manager of mayoral candidates in Baltimore including Otis.T.Rolley. In this capacity, he introduced the Citistate software to analyze and streamline all office departments. The software program provided the staff with detailed reports concerning departmental management and operations.

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Feeding The World Is Normal At OSI Food Solutions

OSI Industries, LLC, the parent company of OSI Food Solutions, a global leader in the provision of high-quality meat products is growing. Currently, the group has more than 65 facilities employing around 20,000 employees in 17 countries and not only does it process meat products; it also produces quality custom food products, it also serves as a packaging partner to large-scale Foodservice and Retail clients among them Subway, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. The company is also a supply chain expert, from sourcing raw materials, to value addition and retail.

The success of OSI Food Solutions Europe is founded on the good rapport with customers, suppliers, and employees. The core values of the company are, food hygiene, quality assurance, and sustainability, one of the ways the company remains sustainable is the preservation and efficient use of resources and a commitment to environmentally friendly concepts. This dedication to the management of environmental risks led to the nomination of the company for the Globe of Honor Award for 2016, an award that is given by the British Safety Council and it aims at rewarding organizations that display excellence in the management of environmental risks. This award was not the first for the company having won it previously in 2013 and 2015.

Recently the company made a couple of acquisitions in an expansion spree that saw it also double the production capacity of processed chicken products. First, the company injected €17 million into the company’s plant at Toledo, Spain, 20,000 square feet were added to the floor space and a high-capacity production line was installed. This doubled the annual amount of processed chicken and also translated to new jobs for the locals.

The next step on the company’s list was the finalization of the purchase of Baho Foods, a Netherlands based meat processor. This not only increased the company’s asset base, but it also increased the presence OSI Food Solutions had in Europe. Before the purchase of Baho Foods, OSI Group acquisitioned a 200,000 square foot food processing and storage plant from Tyson Food Group. The plant, which was selected for its proximity to OSI Group’s Chicago facility. Still not completely sated, OSI Food Solutions went on to acquire Flagship Europe, which they renamed Creative Foods Europe. As the company settled down to celebrate, Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin not only got the Global Visionary Award rewarded by India’s Vision World Academy and but also an award for community service.

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