Many people think that success comes handed over so quickly to the successful people, but that’s because most successful people hit the spotlight when they start succeeding and we fail to see their hard working years. Before I did any background check on the great, Sujit Choudhry, he was to be the kind of people who bumped on success, but it is far from it. Having gained some knowledge about his journey, I now have much respect for the speaker, director, lecturer, constitutional adviser, writer and editor among other titles that really suit him and that he has worked hard for.

As many children spent their childhood in the playground most of Sujit Choudhry’s childhood moments were spent reading and listening to current affairs through different media platforms thus always expanding the boundaries of his potential and knowledge which gave him a head start compared to children who didn’t tap into their potential as early. It is therefore not very surprising that he earned a law degree from Oxford University, yet another from the University of Toronto and finally at Harvard Law School, since then he has traveled the world positively impacting many different countries in terms of political, constitutional advice among other exceptional abilities. With this kind of track record and international recognition and at only the age of 49 there is so much more to expect from Sujit Choudhry because at his pace and with his drive he has proven that he still has much more to offer the world.

What is even more admirable is his charisma and his ability to leave his audience with a positive outlook towards life, with zeal to hit a goal and most importantly with inspiration that if you work hard enough, you must get to where you want to be. It is so admirable that in his busy schedule he still finds time to inspire others especially young people who desperately need a worthy role model and he fits that description perfectly. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we get more young people stepping into Sujit Choudhry’s shoes?