A Brief Recap Of Entrepreneur Tech Genius Billy McFarland’s Life

Born in New York City in 1991, Billy McFarland, is a born serial technopreneur who started his first company at 13 years old by outsourcing services that matched designers and clients, making money on the side. Dujour says that having founded his first 3 companies before he could even graduate high school, Billy McFarland has surely raised the bar for young prospective entrepreneurs.

While still a freshman in college, Billy started an online ad-tech platform known as Spling that allows clients to drive more traffic to their sites thereby becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs to obtain endorsement from some very reputable venture capitalists. Billy has been Spling since he founded it. His major clients at Spling include Warner, Universal, Discovery and the Hearst Corporation.


Magnises, Billy McFarland’s most recent project was established in 2013. It is an exclusive social clubs with deals, special events and other benefits only accessible to card holders. The Magnises card is a black metallic card, slightly heavier than you would expect, linked to the holder’s bank account via a magnetic strip for payment purposes.

The card functions as any other debit or credit card vis-à-vis purchases and making payments. The catch, however, is the myriad of benefits that accompany owning a Magnises card. You can get into concerts, clubs, bars, and other events you would normally be allowed to step foot into just by flashing your Magnises card.

The Magnises App

There is a linked mobile phone app that helps get instant access to offered deals and choose activities you are interested in. To carry the card, members only have to pay $250 on annual basis and enjoy all the benefits. The Magnises social club has about 6000 members to date. Parties who have signed contracts with Magnises include clubs Goldbar and Finale, Restaurants Catch and La Esquina, Cyc Spin studio and Blade Tours, all in New York City.

What Next?

Billy McFarland and his staff generate enough revenue from clients membership fees so the company doesn’t need to raise any more funding (about $3 million). McFarland is planning to expand Magnises to other American cities soon, their next destination is Washington DC.