Fabletics Gives a Glimpse Into the Future of Fashion

Fashion is looking to have a bright future with everything being connected and more people being considered with products. While the current mentality seems to want to dictate fashion for people, there is more encouragement being brought forth to people who want to express themselves and dress in ways that are unconventional. There are certain types of stores that try to bring forth unique fashions to people so that they will be more likely to find something that is unique to their individual style. For instance, a lot of fast fashion stores tend to offer something that can’t be found in other types of fashion stores.


Even beyond fast fashion is the company called TechStyle. Kate Hudson has recently joined the company with the launch of the latest brand, Fabletics. One of the reasons that Fabletics has seen a lot of success in just the 4 years it has been open is that it is based on the individual. While it does bring forth some really pleasing products, it is the customers who have a lot more control over the types of products that are offered than with other companies that try to just bring out products with the hopes of selling them through discounts.


Fabletics is proving to be such a powerhouse in fashion that it is even planning on taking on Amazon which has a lot of the fashion industry. Amazon has tons of clothing available for people. There are so many styles to choose from. However, there is a disadvantage that Amazon is faced with. Seeing that Amazon does not make its own clothes, but sells clothing from many other designers and fashion companies, it is likely to drive some customers away because the styles they want tend to be lost in the shuffle.


Among the things that Fabletics has done was make sure that the customer knows that they will be led to the products that are best suited to them. Another thing they have done is start opening up physical locations so that people can enjoy the experience of shopping for clothes by trying on items and even enjoying their products right away as soon as they buy them.

Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere has a very unique philosophy about managing a business. She likes to inspire her staff with uplifting messages that empower them to greater heights of success, instead of ruling over them with an iron fist. Clearly, her management strategy works just fine for Lime Crime. The Lime Crime founder is clearly on a very positive path to even greater success. Doe Deere’s cosmetic company features bold, colorful, and magical colors that simply will take your breath away. All those colors are a part of her nail polish, lipstick, and eye shadow collections. Her makeup line is very inspiring too. Just like her business philosophy.


Lime Crime’s Message

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime. Her strong beliefs inspire the Lime Crime message that she would like to share with the world. Her message is that makeup is about individuality and creativity. Makeup is not about covering up, but releasing your creativity. This is the very unique philosophy that drives her brand. The company was launched back in 2008 with this very unique belief. Now, the company is an International phenomena. People across the globe are attracted to the product line because of the founder’s unique message and the bold colors.


What Inspires Doe Deere

The Russian born CEO relates that there are a number of things that inspire her creativity or creation of a new product line. Often, an idea might hit her out of the blue. At other times, the idea for a new product might take weeks or even months. However, she usually gets to work immediately, after inspiration hits. Deere is also the type of CEO that likes to test the products personally. She relates that every product produced by the company is tested personally, before it is released to the public. This step is taken to ensure that the product is right for her Unicorn followers.


Online Business

Doe Deere was one of the first CEO’s to primarily offer products online. Today, the e-commerce business is starting to surpass the typical brick and mortar business. Deere believes this is good news for young women entrepreneurs. Lime Crime was one of the first e-commerce cosmetic companies to gain success. Doe Deere remains excited about the prospects concerning e-commerce and new entrepreneurs. She was able to achieve great success following her own rules. Deere believes that the future still looks very good for the new entrepreneur online too.

To learn more about Doe Deere, visit www.doedeere.com.

Fabletics takes on Amazon through a Reverse Showrooming Business

Fabletics is a leading online retailer that deals in accessories and sporty clothing for women. The company operates mainly on a subscription business model at their main website. It strives to bring personalized clothing based on one’s tastes in fashion and personality. The online retailer was established by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg in the year 2013. It had its official launch in October 2013 where it opened doors for customers. The firm has been on the fast path to growth. It recently opened a new line of sales that was an FL2 program for men’s athletic wear.


Throughout the years, Fabletics has succeeded because it has focused on a creative business model. The firm has started a successful advertising campaign with the help of social media. The previous belief was that the online marketplace was impenetrable. Some big players had a monopoly in the industry like Amazon. However, Fabletics has disproved the popular belief. The main for its success is its subscription model that creates a reverse showrooming. Many companies that operate online operate like showrooms. Possible buyers come to view products and later decide to purchase at a cheaper location elsewhere. However, Fabletics subscription and membership business model has attracted and retained customers. Potential clients that have liked the products sold by the company can purchase at a lower price by becoming members.


Showrooming has been the reason for several failures in several retailers. Another example would be shopping online through your smartphone and deciding to make a final purchase through a physical store. The internet community has seen the introduction of a reverse showrooming business model. Online shoppers find it easy to shop and make their final purchases online. The availability of discounted items at the stores has made customers stick with a certain brand. Fabletics has capitalized on clients who buy on the internet by building its business model through a membership feature. Buyers can purchase products at very low prices. Shoppers can also find product designs that are not typically available in other retailers.


Fabletics started by surprise and has taken the e-commerce fashion industry by storm. The masterminds of the business have a great and viable business plan. It has allowed them to maximize on their reachable audience. One thing is sure; Fabletics wants to create the possible experience for users. Customers that shop the internet can purchase what they want and have the best shopping experience. Fabletics’ business model has helped them take down top retailers in the industry such as Amazon.


A business that goes online faces several issues. Clothing tends to have a limit on styles. Even though Amazon sells clothing from different brands, its selection of styles is usually limited when it comes to athletic clothing. Fabletics saw the market gap and decided to introduce their unique products. The company has branded itself as selling stylish and elegant activewear. The clothes are usually fitted for people that want to improve their comfort and confidence when exercising. Fabletics continues to expand by opening several brick and mortar stores at different locations.

Lime Crime for Your Everyday Needs


There are many different makeup options that you may have looked at. You might be wondering what Lime Crime can do for you. The good news is that they have great makeup for your everyday and after hours needs.

What is Lime Crime?


Lime Crime is a makeup line made just for creative people. It consists of not just makeup that will work for an everyday need, but also for after hours options as well. The makeup has great colors that make a night out really great. The line was created by a woman that wanted to have other options that not many makeup companies have on the market.


Picking Colors


There are a lot of colors that you can choose from in order to have the best ones for your needs. You can choose and probably will need to choose more than one color to accent each other. You can pick a blue that is lighter and one that is darker so they work well together or you can even wear them apart if you want to. This will give you more options when you want to find something to wear.

Sparkles and Fun


There are a lot of different colors, but not just that. They also carry sparkle colored options to make your makeup more fun to do. You can find a few different colors that will go together or that will be find on their own. It’s really up to what you want and what you will be wearing it for, but sparkles can help you to feel more fun when you go out.


There are a lot of options when it comes to makeup, but once you try Lime Crime on Urban Outfitters, you probably will not want to have anything else. You should give it a try and see what you think so you can have the colors and styles you want for your best needs.  See more pictures from real LimeCrime aficionados on Facebook, or you can also buy them for yourself on Amazon.

Ways Shea Butter Can Change Your Life

Shea butter is derived from the Shea-Karite tree. This tree is native to West and East Africa. Shea butter has a variety of uses. It can help moisturize the hair. In fact, it is often referred to as nature’s conditioner because of its moisturizing properties. Shea butter can also be used to soothe an irritated scalp because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Shea butter can also be used to protect the hair from heat damage. You will need to apply the Shea butter to your hair strands before you straighten or curl it. Additionally, Shea butter can protect your hair from ultraviolet rays. Shea butter is also great for your skin.

About Eugenia Shea

There are many places that sell Shea butter. However, it is very important for you to get your Shea butter from a place that sells 100 percent, high-quality Shea butter. Eugenia Shea sells high-quality Shea butter on their website: https://www.eugeniashea.com/

The high-quality products also contain Shea oil, Baobab oil, Moringa oil and essential oils. The Shea oil, Baobab oil and Moringa oil keep the skin moisturized. The essential oils give the products a nice fragrance. Not only is Eugenia Shea committed to offering people the best products possible, but the company has also created economic opportunities for Ghanaian women. The female workers in Ghana are paid above-average wages.

Doe Deere Pulls Fans in Closer

Doe Deere is the queen of the cosmetics social media atmosphere. She has managed to build up a lot of fans, and there are more than 2 million Instagram followers for her Lime Crime account. This is not a fluke. She is a mastermind in the social media world, and there is a reason that Doe Deere is so successful. It sort of all boils down to two thing: she knows her audience and she works hard to keep her fans chatting about the brand.

The average cosmetics company doesn’t really present a lot of new shades. This is just the honest truth that many people start to realize when they patronize brands like Revlon and Cover Girl. This is why so much is being spent on contracts for celebrities to model this. These companies seldom have any new offerings so the executives try to maximize sales by getting new celebrities to advertise the same old shades of makeup.

Doe Deere has become an excellent marketing professional. She has managed to lure a large number of people to the site, and something interesting has happened at a result of her marketing. She has been able to get other people to actually chat about the brand as well. That is like free advertising for the brand.

I believe that is the key to her marketing finesse. She tweets about shades of lipstick, and unlike the competition she is constantly releasing new shades. This is the beauty of producing such zany colors. There is no limitation on the spectrum of colors that can be pushed out with this brand. That is her claim to fame.

I think that everyone that is seeing her work her magic through Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are aware that she has a mighty spirit. She is always doing something to promote the brand. Her hard work ethic has made people love her. I think that she is doing what the other makeup brands should have done a long time ago. She is actually reaching out to the brands and building a connection with her customers. I love the way that this is going. It has made me totally reconsider what cosmetics companies are offering.