Wes Edens: A Business Leader Who Acts With the Future in Mind

Though a company may have adequate capital to support its operations, its impact won’t be great without effective leadership. Leaders determine the direction a company takes, and the time it may take to grow and realize its goals. Leaders with a rich background in management and finance help the business realize massive growth within a short time. Fortress Investment Group is among the luckiest companies with some of the smartest business minds in their leadership structure. Wes Edens is among the executive leaders who have given this company a new image and a deep voice across the globe. He executes his duties in this company as the co-founder and chairman.

Edens owns the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team since he is a great sports fan. Forbes has identified Wes Edens as one of the richest business leaders in America. He uses much of his wealth in identifying young people talented in basketball and training them to be future stars in the world of sports. Fortress Investment Group pays him 13 million dollars and his dividends are about 41 million dollars. Forbes has listed him number 297 in its billionaires’ list. Wes Edens believes that one of the greatest ways of utilizing wealth is helping the less fortunate in and the talented poor individuals in the community.

Education is crucial to anyone who aims at reaching the stars. Edens chose Oregon State University as his ideal institution for his finance studies. He had worked with other companies like BlackRock Financial Management and Lehman Brothers before he came to Fortress Investment Group. His oversight skills were felt when Softbank, a Japanese company was buying Fortress Group at 3.3 billion dollars. Those who have been close to his business dealings know that Wes Edens is a man who maintains a shrewd business outlook.

Although the gigantic Japanese firm has acquired Fortress Investment Group, it has allowed it to make independent operations. 1.6 billion dollars is said to be the net worth of this great business leader. The decision to let Fortress Group operate independently left the leadership of both the Softbank and Fortress Investment Group impressed. According to Softbank management, the acquisition has brought huge value addition that favors the activities of both organizations. Wes Edens says Fortress Investment Group has adopted a new management system where Peter Briger and Randal Nardone will head the group.

Massive RRole of George Soros Philanthropy In The Community

George Soros is one of the known philanthropists who has assisted many people in the society. One of his contributions was the donation of the $18 billion which was aimed at boosting the operation at Open Society Foundation. This was marked as one of the most significant donation by the private sectors.

Open Society Foundation is the top donor that have been established in the United States. The primary objective of the organization is to create balance in the society through the promotion of level of democracy and the human rights. The group has been playing the crucial role for more than 30 years, and it has made tremendous achievements in more than 120 countries. The move by the organization to promote the human right has gained a lot of support from different corners of the world. Some of the critical steps that the group has made are the provision of financial aid in some of the countries that have been hit by the outbreak of Ebola. The organization has also played a huge role in funding the Roma art and culture to boost its development. George Soros is the person who has been in the upper hand of the financing the Open Society Foundation for decades of years. His relative contribution to organization annually is between $800 and $900 million. In the year 2017, he made a colossal grant worth $18 billion targeting the promotion of the programs that are of benefits to the society.

Through the excellent leadership that has been showcased by Soros, it has created a better chance for the Open Society Foundations to build a trust and win the confidence of many people. The organization has helped several groups that are promoting democracy and human rights. Open Society Foundations has also stretched its limits to improve the level of education in the community by funding thousands of students to carry out their studies in the universities. The donation and assistance of the Soros started way back in the year 1979 when he played a central role in the Republic of South Africa by giving the scholarship to most of the students that were victims of the apartheid. He then builds proper relation to the rest of the world in the year 1980 by extending his ideas to the West at Communist Hungary. Additionally, he became part of the member that funded the establishment of the Central European University which was aimed at inspiring the critical thinking. The estimated amount of money that he has donated to the Open Society Foundations is worth more than $30 billion. The funds are typically channeled at creating a permanent solution to the challenges that are arising in different parts of the globe.

In the year 1970, many students became beneficiaries of the sponsorship by Soros. He further donated $880 million to the Central European University to reinforce their operations. He also funded over $100 million to different learning bodies of the former USSR with the purpose of making the less fortunate students attain the required knowledge and skills.

George Soros has been known to provide humanitarian services that are aimed at improving the people’s lives in the society.

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