Eric Lefkofsky Article

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman, founder and Cheif Executive Officer of Tempus Center. Tempus is a main provider of technology authorized precision medicine solutions. Tempus is a Chicago, Illinois based cancer technology business that is revolutionizing how certain information is used to customize and optimize various cancer treatments. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky had founded Tempus in 2015 with a mission to bring organization and stability to healthcare. Today, the Tempus company is creating the world’s biggest database of molecular and clinical information to date.

The molecular information gathered is in the appearance of genomics while the general clinical information is gathered through organization or analytical notes, pathology images, laboratory reports, and radiology scans in order to retrieve therapeutic, phenotypic, and outcomes data to be able to be able to understand the clinical factors for each patient case. Tempus’s approach is very effective and the company has assembled a variety of data and uses it to spawn actionable insights or specific patterns.

Leading provider of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky decided to create the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation that enhances individual’s lives in the community. Mr. Lefkofsky is also a Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicagoe, Illinois’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky had graduated from the University of Michigan and then recieved his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. For more information on Mr. Eric Lefkofsky you may connect with him via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Mr. Lefkofsky is surely a humanitarian businessman at large.

Neurocore’s Depression Management


The human brain is one of the body organs that has managed to amaze most people. The way it functions and how it crunches information remains a mystery to most of the researchers and scientist. Furthermore, it is always the source of information for all the activities happening in the body. The events may range from the thoughts, emotions, behavior, and perception. Chemical signals released by millions of cells in the body aid in regulating the electrical signal generated in the brain.

Therefore, to understand the mystery behind all these, one needs to know how the mind works. While all the information about the brain is still a mystery, the researchers and scientists are working around the clock to help unravel the mystery behind this powerful body organ.

Neurocore and the services they provide

Established in 2004, its central vision was to provide brain training, brain assessment tests, and enhancement. The center makes use of the neurofeedback, and EEG to aid in improving mental acuity and boosting the ability of the client to manage stress and depression. Additionally, the center combines neurofeedback with a particular type of feedback known as biofeedback. Biofeedback, also known as the heart rate variability learning, commonly abbreviated as (HRV). Neural training involves controlling the breathing patterns of one person using the therapeutic breathing methods. Therefore, to attain this, a person has to combine his/her subconscious mind with the regulation of the breathing patterns.

Neurotherapy Depression Management

Major/clinical depression is the most severe type of depression. This type of depression affected about ten million people in America alone. The finds were as a result of the research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health. Neurocore patients use what is known as the neurofeedback to exercise their brains on the how to overcome depression symptoms. Continuous use of ut help in overcoming the symptoms completely.

Additionally, to get the best results possible, the doctors are using the neurocore brain therapy training. This involves putting a subject’s brain through a series of tests to help overcome the thoughts that are brought about by the depression.

OSI Industries: More Than A Wholesale Food Processor

There has been some big news coming out of the foodservice industry. OSI Industries, an American-based food processor, has just merged with Australian-based Turi Foods. This merger will only strengthen the core of both companies, but the idea is to produce a world-class food solutions group. Turi Foods has a big presence in Australia, and it has a number of facilities throughout the state of Victoria. Turi Foods just so happen to be one of the largest processors of poultry in Australia. This company supplies a number of food retailors such as quick-service restaurants, grocery stores, butcher shops and specialty chicken retailors.

“We share similar goals and expertise as OSI Industries,” said Sam Cuteri, chairman of Turi Foods.OSI Industries need no introduction. This particular company is the quintessential food provider for a number of countries. OSI has facilities in Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Hungary and India. With its 100 years of expertise in place, this new merger is definitely looking to change the game. The name of this new company is Turosi, and it will be designed to serve its customers in new ways that are innovative.

Both companies seem to compliment each other fairly well. OSI and Turi Foods will continue to conduct business out of Geelong and Thomastown, Victoria. Shooting for the stars is what OSI does well. This company started out as a small butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois. The company was operated by Otto Kolschowski, and his sons Arthur and Harry. As time went on, OSI was able to maintain its client-base as well as incorporate some innovative features. It has certainly been able to keep in touch with what’s going on in modern-day times. OSI Industries is simply changing the status quo via innovation. Learn More.

InnovaCare Health Boss Dr Shinto

Touted as one of the authority figures in Healthcare provision, Dr Shinto is a man who seems to have won the hearts and minds of all stakeholders in the health sectors. He has managed to take medical care beyond the preconceived notion that accessing medical aid is an expensive affair. This is a single man’s journey through the career ladder from a simple pulmonologist to the Current position that he holds at Innovacare Health. Dr Shinto is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president of InnovaCare. It’s one of the leading managed healthcare providers in the country. This was made possible through the able leadership of Dr Shinto

Dr Shinto is no stranger in the medical field having got his B.S from the University of California. Dr Rick Shinto acquired his medical degree from the University of New York and received his MBA from the University of Redlands. He did his internship Southern California and also kick-started his career as a Pulmonologist in Southern California. With over two decades worth of experience in the healthcare sector there are very few people who can boast of such a wonderful track record. His academic intellect and entrepreneurial spirit have seen him occupy some of the most lucrative positions in well-known healthcare management firms.

Before being appointed as the CEO of InnovaCare, Dr Shinto was the CEO of Aventa Inc which is a highly regarded healthcare management firm. He also had appointments as Medical Management´s Vice President before a move to Orange County´s Cal Optimal Health Plan as its Chief Medical Officer. Dr Shinto also worked extensively for NAMM California as its Chief Medical Officer. In the course of his work as a healthcare practitioner, Dr Shinto has also written several works on matters clinical medicine. This is only but a few of the Jobs undertaken while in the health industry.

Dr Shinto attributes his success to teamwork and proper communication channels. This enables seamless flow of information and ensures that everyone is accountable for their actions. There is also a team of experienced, qualified personnel that ensure there is no second guessing of decisions. Interaction with employees of InnovaCare indicate that Dr Shinto is a well respected gentleman who has his workers’ best interest at heart. The desire and willingness to serve is what makes Dr Shinto great for the job and his positive attitude has seen the team at InnovaCare excel in service delivery.