Guilherme Paulus – A Zealous Hotelier And A Tycoon

Guilherme Paulus is an enthusiastic investor and a businessman who has specialized in the hotel and tourism sector in Brazil. He is the co-founder of the CVC Brasil. The company is premier tours and Travel Company in Latin America. He also founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts that runs over twenty hotels and resorts.

How he ventured into Business

Mr. Guilherme Paulus roots the idea of having his company to one Mr.Carlos Vicente who he had met on a cruise. At that time Mr.Vicente was a state deputy, and he was contemplating on starting an agency in Santo Andre that would deal in tourism. Mr.Paulus played a significant role in putting his ideas and efforts that helped in starting the business. The two people worked together for only four years after which Carlos Vicente opted out, and Guilherme Paulus took over. Then business later grew to be a leading tour company both locally and internationally. It has partnered with key players in the hotel and tourism sector and even airlines.

In 2009, Paulus sold a 63.6 percent stake of CVC to the Carlyle Group at the cost of $420 million. And in 2013 the company had its shares listed in the stock market. The annual revenue of the company has reached $5.2billion, and this continues to increase.

The GJP has the Linx, Prodigy and Wish hotel groups. The hotels are in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Maceio, and Recife.

Social Responsibility

The hotelier participates in projects that help foster education to less privileged people. He has also supported the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism. His business has also provided financial assistance to the Dr. Klaide Care and Education.


In 2017 Guilherme Paulus featured on the magazine of Isto E Dinheiro as the Entrepreneur of the Year. This recognition was as a result of his spending over $600 million in the construction of new hotels.


Mr. Paulus is enthusiastic about establishing at least 100 stores annually. Though he sold the CVC tour company, he still has a stake in the business and contributes to the success of the business. He is a key player in the economy of Brazil as he has helped create more employment opportunities to the citizens of the country.