Brian Bonar Uses His Engineering Background To Develop New Investment Opportunities

The impressive career Brian Bonar has been going about creating over the course of the last few years has seen this former engineer use his analytical skills in a bid to help small and medium businesses achieve even greater levels of success.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar began his life as an engineer responsible for a range of business activities after completing studies that took him to James Watt Technical College and Stafford University to complete his Masters degree; the early career of Bonar was located largely in the engineering industry before he spread his wings and became an invaluable member of the financial industry.

Success has always seemed to follow Brain Bonar as he has set out on a career that saw him begin his working life in an impressive way as a procurement manager for IBM, a period of time that was followed by a successful stint as the Director of engineering for QMS.

Brian Bonar has always seemed to have an eye for becoming a successful entrepreneur and has started a number of companies across a range of different industrial sectors throughout his career; one of the most important periods in the career of Bonar came when he began his own Bezier Systems before continuing to work in a range of different areas.

As an entrepreneur, Brian has developed a unique place in a range of industries that are based largely in the financial sector and look to find ways of making the work of different companies as simple as possible for owners to enjoy.

The most recent success Brian Bonar has found has been with his own Trucept Incorporated, which looks to complete the tasks that are often mundane and time consuming for entrepreneurs themselves to complete on a regular basis.

After such a long and successful period in the worlds of engineering and finance this successful entrepreneur has become an expert in mergers and acquisitions and hopes to remain an important part of different industries through his Trucept company.