UKV PLC Remind Us Wine Should Be Enjoyed Through Their Online Presence

The wine industry can often feel staid and lacking fun, which is something the U.K. based vintners UKV PLC are seeking to change about the industry as a whole through their own Online presence on social media platforms.

UKV PLC has been a major part of the wine industry for a number of years and has always looked to keep clients of all budget ranges and buying experience happy with a range of information and news provided across different platforms, including Facebook and Instagram; recently UKV PLC has been bringing news of the ways the wine industry at all levels is changing with demand for wine hitting an all time high.

UKV PLC is not always looking to provide information for clients and wine enthusiasts about the highest end vintages and varieties of wine, but also to simply keep their social media followers abreast of the latest news and developments in the industry. Recent news items tend to feature highly in the Online presence of UKV PLC and have included articles and video from major news channels detailing stories like a small wine bar based in Washington D.C. has decided to sue the business of U.S. President Donald Trump over the negative effects their proximity to his hotel has had on their business.

The Instagram account of UKV PLC takes a slightly different approach to the news and advice based Facebook posts the company makes; using Instagram has allowed the vintners to explore their more fun side and make sure the tasting and collecting of wine remains a fun activity. Via Instagram this respected brand provides a glimpse into the vineyards and wineries that are found in the traditional production regions of Italy and France, along with fun posts taking a lighter approach to an industry that brings fun and excitement to the lives of millions across the planet.