CEO Steve Ritchie has invested in diversity at Papa John’s

After running into some challenges, Papa John’s has responded to the message from their customers. The customers were demanding better from this pizza distributor across the world. Led by CEO Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s has focused on winning the confidence of the customers. Steve Ritchie sent out an apology letter to the employees and customers of Papa John’s when the business was undergoing through reputational challenges. According to the CEO, the company engaged in unconscious bias training, a program that they would roll out across the country. Also, to ensure that a repeat of the same is never allowed to happen again, the company has instituted independent control audit and investigation into the practices it has stood for. The aim is to develop a new culture that will allow the inclusion of diversity.

CEO Steve Ritchie engaged in a tour of Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This one was meant to listen to feedback from customers and franchise. The CEO was concerned that the business needed to listen to the voice of the people on the ground So that they can learn how to become better. The company also engaged a special advisory group which composed of respected experts on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion to help guide the brand in rebuilding its reputation. Papa John’s will also be creating a foundation that will be giving back to the community where its employees live and work.

CEO Steve Ritchie started working with Papa John’s 25 years ago. During this time, he has found a great working environment where people work side-by-side every day for the good of the business. Currently, Papa John’s has over 120,000 corporate and franchise team members located in different parts of the world. In such a situation, it is important for the organization to invest in practices that enhance equity, respect, fairness, and opportunity for all. Since Steve Ritchie took over as the CEO of the company at the beginning of the year, he has invested greatly in diversity, equity, and inclusion. These efforts started as just some task to be completed by a committee, but they have developed into an entire undertaking of all players associated with the company.