Doe Deere, Fashionista and Makeup Diva

Doe Deere is a Russian born and New York City raised fashion and makeup Diva. We would like to say that she didn’t come by it easily but, we are of the opinion that she did and that’s good. Not every success story has to be born out of immense struggle. She’s had to work hard, yes but, it’s an inspiration that she got where she is on pure passion and fearless fervor.

The story behind the way she developed her makeup line is pretty awesome and so confidently casual it’s untrue. She was sewing one of her incredible outfits. Of course, it was a boldly colored one; just the way Doe always intends. Anyway, she finished and upon trying it all on, she noticed she needed some new makeup to go with it. So, off she went to the drug stores and department stores etc. Much to her chagrin, she found nothing that would be good enough to go with this or all the other great fashion she was conjuring out of the cauldron of color. “So,” thought Deere, “There is only one thing to do; develop my own line.” And so Lime Crime was born.

Lime Crime is an incredible makeup line like no other. She creates and sells mattes and shimmers in every color, both primary and mixed of every shade for eyes and lips that you could possibly conceive of.

Through her line, she has given young people, both male and female the freedom to express who they really are. She has intentionally broken every fashion and makeup rule ever established and proudly so.

Some of those rules are based around what you can and can’t wear with other patterns and colors. This, to Doe Deere is sacrilegious it’s blasphemous in fact. She teaches others how to approach the subject of color with common sense. If the colors go together, they don’t have to match in order for you to wear a polka dot with a plaid, you see? You can also wear a bold eye and lip color together as well as long as they go!