Dr. Mark McKenna – Influencing Us Through His Dedicated Thrive

Dr. Mark McKenna is a remarkable doctor and businessman from the striving and strong city of New Orleans. After graduating from his hometown college, Tulan University of Medical School, where his focused would be noticed by his teachers and students and quickly become a focused point of influence amongst, he would celebrate with supportive hometown family and start his medical practice with his dad. The thriving nature of Dr. Mark McKenna is a story worth sharing.

It all started with a passion for medicine and helping others. A community servant who truly loves to witness the many smiles on the faces of the citizens of his community. With his intellect, as it has been continuously supported throughout his childhood, by friends, teachers and family, Mark McKenna pursues his passion and succeeds.

After graduating Tulan, Dr. Mark McKenna would practice medicine with his dad, while in all starting a real estate development firm called, McKenna Venture Investments. Mark would enjoy all of the time spent with his dad and all of the lessons of real estate learned from his dad and thereafter continue within the industry and start new businesses: Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. He would be a big hit amongst the community.

Unfortunately, the big disaster of New Orleans in 2005, Hurricane Katrina, would cancel many of his future plans and destroy most of his real estate business. A big downfall for the doctor, but he would pick up his spirit and assist with the redevolopement process of New Orleans.

Dr. McKenna would become CEO and Founder of the medical aesthetic company, OVME.

Besides Dr. McKenna’s most accomplished success adding incredible value to his resume of of amazement, he is an outstanding father and husband. Dr. Mark McKenna is a true influence on the lives of many Americans.