Who Benefits From Gooee Smart Lighting Products?

Gooee smart lighting are fine options for businesses, and they often change completely to Gooee smart lights as the lights are more efficient. This article explains how a new smart lighting system from Gooee reduces costs for any business.


#1: The Lights Are Never On For No Reason


Lights are often left going for hours at a time in buildings around the world because no one is watching them, and they are not turned off when no one notices. The business cannot afford to pay for the lights to run constantly, and they will see the lights shut off when workers leave the room.


#2: Lights Are Fed By The Control Panel


Lights in the building are fed information by the control panel, and the manager of a building may set the lights to systematically turn on and off at certain times. The employees in the building learn when the lights turn on and off, and the owners of the building may shut off the lights completely when business is closed.


#3: Managing Usage


The control panel for a large LED lighting system from Gooee records usage of energy in the building, and owners of the building may check usage at any time. It is quite simple to manage power usage with the systems from Gooee, and everyone who wishes to calculate the exact cost of the energy may do so at any time.


The buildings built with Gooee smart lighting systems are quite powerful, cost-effective and easy to work in.

Lime Crime for Your Everyday Needs


There are many different makeup options that you may have looked at. You might be wondering what Lime Crime can do for you. The good news is that they have great makeup for your everyday and after hours needs.

What is Lime Crime?


Lime Crime is a makeup line made just for creative people. It consists of not just makeup that will work for an everyday need, but also for after hours options as well. The makeup has great colors that make a night out really great. The line was created by a woman that wanted to have other options that not many makeup companies have on the market.


Picking Colors


There are a lot of colors that you can choose from in order to have the best ones for your needs. You can choose and probably will need to choose more than one color to accent each other. You can pick a blue that is lighter and one that is darker so they work well together or you can even wear them apart if you want to. This will give you more options when you want to find something to wear.

Sparkles and Fun


There are a lot of different colors, but not just that. They also carry sparkle colored options to make your makeup more fun to do. You can find a few different colors that will go together or that will be find on their own. It’s really up to what you want and what you will be wearing it for, but sparkles can help you to feel more fun when you go out.


There are a lot of options when it comes to makeup, but once you try Lime Crime on Urban Outfitters, you probably will not want to have anything else. You should give it a try and see what you think so you can have the colors and styles you want for your best needs.  See more pictures from real LimeCrime aficionados on Facebook, or you can also buy them for yourself on Amazon.

A Brief Recap Of Entrepreneur Tech Genius Billy McFarland’s Life

Born in New York City in 1991, Billy McFarland, is a born serial technopreneur who started his first company at 13 years old by outsourcing services that matched designers and clients, making money on the side. Dujour says that having founded his first 3 companies before he could even graduate high school, Billy McFarland has surely raised the bar for young prospective entrepreneurs.

While still a freshman in college, Billy started an online ad-tech platform known as Spling that allows clients to drive more traffic to their sites thereby becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs to obtain endorsement from some very reputable venture capitalists. Billy has been Spling since he founded it. His major clients at Spling include Warner, Universal, Discovery and the Hearst Corporation.


Magnises, Billy McFarland’s most recent project was established in 2013. It is an exclusive social clubs with deals, special events and other benefits only accessible to card holders. The Magnises card is a black metallic card, slightly heavier than you would expect, linked to the holder’s bank account via a magnetic strip for payment purposes.

The card functions as any other debit or credit card vis-à-vis purchases and making payments. The catch, however, is the myriad of benefits that accompany owning a Magnises card. You can get into concerts, clubs, bars, and other events you would normally be allowed to step foot into just by flashing your Magnises card.

The Magnises App

There is a linked mobile phone app that helps get instant access to offered deals and choose activities you are interested in. To carry the card, members only have to pay $250 on annual basis and enjoy all the benefits. The Magnises social club has about 6000 members to date. Parties who have signed contracts with Magnises include clubs Goldbar and Finale, Restaurants Catch and La Esquina, Cyc Spin studio and Blade Tours, all in New York City.

What Next?

Billy McFarland and his staff generate enough revenue from clients membership fees so the company doesn’t need to raise any more funding (about $3 million). McFarland is planning to expand Magnises to other American cities soon, their next destination is Washington DC.

How to become a pro sports bettor with NCAA basketball

There are only a few ways someone can truly become a professional gambler. It’s possible by playing blackjack, or poker. It’s even possible to occasionally spot errors that casinos have made either in procedures or promotions and realize a long term positive return. However the best way to become a professional gambler is to bet on sports.

It’s widely known among the public that there are a few sharp players out there who can beat the sports books year in, year out. But most people wouldn’t have a clue how it’s actually done if you asked them. The truth is that every professional gambler has a deep understanding of statistics and probability. But most importantly they have become adept at the art of consistently applying those tools in a way that earns money.

If you’re new to sports betting one of the best areas to concentrate on today is NCAA basketball odds. The reasons are many. But the main reason is that you can almost always find a game during the regular season. Most days will see three or more games being played. Division I NCAA men’s basketball alone has 371 teams. This is important because when you first start out handicapping you want as wide a margin of error as possible. If you think the spread is five points too high that may not be enough. You may have to wait for a ten point error to arise. The beauty of many games going off every day is that it gives you the opportunity to extensively line-shop while only concentrating on one sport.

Professional handicappers use statistics, data mining and advanced analysis to determine when a line has been improperly set, a spread is incorrect or the odds are off. As you might guess this is a very broad topic. The best way to start learning is by reading everything possible from proven gamblers with decades of success. One of the best places to start is at covers.com, the brainchild of legendary handicapper Teddy Covers.

Covers.com has been providing intelligence, insights and odds to sports bettors since 1995. In addition they provide live scores, up-to-the-minute spreads and industry news 24/7, 365. Covers.com also features what may be the largest and oldest sports betting community online. The covers.com forum is an invaluable place for novice bettors to interact with and pick the brains of seasoned pros with decades of experience.

The chief difference between a professional gambler and a mark is that the pro uses his head, the mark goes with his gut. Covers.com is the best place online to start learning how to make smart moves and incisive analysis, and ultimate to become financially independent through betting sports!

Omar Boraie Rebuilding New Brunswick

Omar Boraie has lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey for over forty years. He first came to New Brunswick to continue his studies in chemistry and obtain a Ph.D. Omar is of Egyptian descent and had spent the last few years traveling through Europe as a scholar of chemistry. Before long Omar started noticing the similarities between New Brunswick and many of the cities he had visited in Europe. Thinking New Brunswick could rebuild in the same manner; he decided to leave chemistry and start a new career in real estate.

In 1972 New Brunswick was a city in desperate need of help, there were twenty-one vacated and dilapidated buildings on boraierealty.com on one block alone. The city was virtually deserted, and those that remained were afraid to go out after 4 in the afternoon. What many saw as disaster Omar Boraie saw as an opportunity, even though many thought he was “crazy.” He started buying as many of these abandoned buildings as he could and within a short time was ready to start his first project.

Albany Street Plaza, located at 120 Albany Street, was the first project Omar Boraie completed in New Brunswick. The building brought 250,000 square feet of much needed commercial office space to New Brunswick. The building is eight stories tall, and to this day Omar Boraie’s office is on the eighth floor of the building.

Read more: Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute

Omar Boraie realized, if New Brunswick were to continue growing, it would need quality residential housing on njspotlight.com. He envisioned a high-rise condominium building similar to that done in New York City. The One Spring Street Condominium completed in 2007, twenty-five stories tall is the tallest building in New Brunswick. One Spring Street is a luxury condominium and offers 121 home ownership residences. The building also includes office and retail space. It is the first major residential project on boraie.com in New Brunswick’s history and has totally changed the real estate market.

Omar Boraie was truly ahead of his time. His vision for New Brunswick has transformed a once dying city into a place where people now believe the city has a bright future. Omar Boraie is a very modest man; he is quick to point out he was not entirely alone in his efforts to rebuild New Brunswick. He gives particular credit to Dick Sellers, the president of Johnson & Johnson. Omar says that if Johnson & Johnson had not stayed in New Brunswick, none of this would have been possible. No one thinks Omar Boraie is “crazy” now.

Town Residential Expands

Andrew Heiberger, the CEO of Town Residential, has opened up the 10th outpost for his company within the meatpacking district of New York City. Town Residential is a rapidly growing brokerage firm. It is an amazing success story because it has only been open since 2010. This new location in the meatpacking district will provide convenient access to real estate services for people in the surrounding area. Many would describe Town Residential as a sexy company.


According to Andrew, Brokers who work at this new location will likely take their clients on a tour of the High Line area. The office is a short distance away from the park. In an ambitious move, Town Residential has leased the whole second floor of 7,000 square foot office space and signed a contract for 15 years. The ceiling of the space is 16 feet high, and it gives employees and clients access to a beautiful private roof deck. Andrew Heiberger is a man well known for his flair, and the building suits his personality. He has positioned Town Residential in the luxury class of real estate brokerage firms. With his executive office space, he hopes to attract the most talented brokers to work under him. The impressive office is the only one in the area that has such a lush area in which brokers can do business with their clients. When a client sees the extravagance of the location, they are sure to be impressed.


Town Residential has recently opened other offices. It has an official headquarters just east of Union Square in Greenwich Village. The estimated price for the office space is $90 per square foot. Town Residential must be doing a lot of business to cover that monthly bill. Andrew Heiberger gives thanks to his strategic relationship with Thor equities. The relationship has been vital to his success.


Even former competitors are eager to be under the Town Residential umbrella. Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm, has decided to join forces with Town Residential. They are a small company that has expertise in the West Village area of New York City and are expected to be a valuable asset. Employees from other offices of Town Residential will also be transferring to the newer facility.


The office is situated at one of the High Line areas many entrances. This neighborhood is prestigious and considered by many to be a hot residential neighborhood. New condo developments are springing up regularly because consumers want to move into the area. Andrew thinks of the entire West Side of New York as one band of neighborhoods. His office is located right in the epicenter where it can easily service the community.


Doe Deere Believes In Going For Your Dreams

Doe Deere believes that the secret to achieving success is simply going for your dreams. Young women entrepreneurs should definitely follow her example. She has achieved amazing success following her dreams and her gut feeling. Deere left Russia and ventured out into the world at a young age. She arrived in New York City with only a dream and a lot of ambition. She started in a rock band, designed her own line of fabulous clothing, and started a very innovative makeup line. Her biggest success to date, is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a very original makeup company that specializes in bold and vibrant makeup colors. In fact, their Velvetines are one of the most talked about lipstick lines on the Internet.

Why Did She Start Lime Crime
Doe Deere had achieved success with her music career. She played in a rock band with her future husband. Later on, she started a fashion line too. The name of that fashion line was Lime Crime too. The fashion line was named after her favorite color. Doe Deere was puzzled. She simply could not find the type of bold colors that represented her personality and her fashion line. Deere took a dramatic step, and decided to create her own makeup line that specialized in bold colors. She made this move back in 2008. She quickly achieved success and a league of followers around the world. Doe Deere states that Lime Crime is a makeup line for people that are unapologetic. In addition, Deere firmly believes that makeup is a form of expression and creativity. Makeup should not be used to cover up perceived imperfections.

More About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the Russian born CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She started Lime Crime because she could not find the type of dramatic colors that she required to match her fashion line, which was also called Lime Crime. Her meteoric rise to success was magical. Similar to the unicorn name that she gives her followers on social media. The fact is that this innovative entrepreneur hit a nerve with women that love bold colors. Lime Crime filled the void that was missing in the makeup world. First, it must be established that Unicorn Lipstick was her first distinct and radical line of lipsticks. The line still enjoys amazing success. The Velvetines line followed in 2012. The Velvetines enjoyed even more success. Deere Recently released the liquid-to-matte lipstick line. Doe Deere is one entrepreneur that is always working closely with her chemist to create a new product that will make her customers very happy. Deere would also like to emphasize that every product in her makeup line is Vegan. In other words, they are animal cruelty free.

Follow her on LinkedIn

Madison Street Capital Named as Finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital is a global banking institution that specializes in corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise, and valuation service for private and public businesses. The firm is committed to integrity, leadership, and excellence while delivering its services.

These critical services enable clients to excel in the international marketplace. The firm takes full responsibilities of client’s goals, making them its own goals. Their services range from financial advisory, raising of capitals, to full transfer of ownership. Madison views the emerging markets as its core components that run the global growth and will extend their focus on such markets by investing more assets.

The Madison Street Capital’s reputation in areas of the financial advisory is outstanding, through the unwavering dedication with the highest level of professionalism.

The M&A Advisor Announces Chicago-based Madison-Street-Capital in the M&A Advisor Awards

The firm has earned the trust of global clients, and the achievement saw it become a finalist in the 15thM&A Advisor Awards.

This award is internationally respected as an indicator of top performance in the financial market and recognizes excellence in restructuring, financing, and deal making. The annual event also celebrates the magnificent contributions and achievements of top professionals and firms.

Madison-Street-Capital has also been nominated for the International-and-Industrials Deal of the Year and Boutique-Investment-Banking Firm of the Year. The recognition was for the company’s role in acquiring the Acuna &Asociados S.A. for Dowco. Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha spearheaded the transaction. The dealmaker works tirelessly across numerous disciples to connect clients with emerging and growing business ventures that meet their various needs with regard to growth and success.

The transaction leading to the purchase of Acuna & Asociados S.A. was a complex transaction with numerous moving parts, in addition to cross-border operations. The reputation the firm gained from that deal is magnificent and showcased their ability to carry global complexities in the financial market.

About The M&A Advisor

The M&A Advisor was formed in 1998 to give insights and intelligent information on M&A activities. The M & A has established a premier global network for the last 18 years. Currently, the institution presents and recognizes magnificent achievements of facilitating business connections between global industry performers. It covers a comprehensive array of industries throughout the world.

Madison Street Capital believes in establishing strong enterprises within the communities throughout the United States and around the world. Through true dedication to the diverse needs of its customers, the company takes up client goals as its own, and work diligently towards achieving success and prosperity. It also offers philanthropic support to various organizations including the United Way, making a humanitarian impact within the local and global communities.
You can get more information on this on benzinga.com.

Brian Torchin Helps Medical Professionals Transition Between Jobs

Brian Torchin has created his own HCRC staffing firm that lets medical professionals know that there are many different ways to make ends meet in the medical field. The medical industry is a great place to work when all employees are well prepared. Torchin wants to help adequately prepare as many employees as possible. Here are a couple of ways Torchin can help:

1) Job counseling

Counseling is very important to all parts of the medical field. There are lot of folks transitioning from one job to another across different subject areas in search of their dream job. It can often be a hard transition between jobs.

There is usually new hours, new co-workers, new boss, and new subject matter that the employee has to get up to speed on. There are many nurses and doctors who have gotten frustrated within the process and dropped out for a while.

2) Finding jobs

With so many jobs on the market it is often hard to find an open position. It can also be hard to be the first one to apply the second the job opens.

The HCRC helps connect employees to potential jobs immediately. There are plenty of healthcare positions that need to be filled as soon as possible. All employees should be happy once they land their new jobs.

3) All employees verified

Torchin believes that all staff should be verified by the right person or company to ensure they are fully trusted. He makes sure all employees are verified by someone in the HCRC. Torchin makes sure that all employees are treated fairly and no employee is turned away without receiving advice on how to be a better candidate.

Brian Torchin is helping all medical offices and law firms find the best treatment solutions and pick the most qualified staff. He studied at New York Chiropractic College and got a bachelors of science in exercise science at the University of Delaware.

Torchin has spent several years working as director of medical marketing for Practice Management. Now he is the CEO of HCRC staffing providing consulting and qualified staffing.

Take Control Of Your Online Reputation



Are you worried about what people see when they search your name online? Want to ensure that you are perceived in a positive way? Online reputation management is an essential service that enables businesses and individuals to convey a great impression about themselves. It can be a great way to ensure that online positive content about your organization or brand, is presented to Internet users.


One complaint of poor service will travel like a breeze and spread to every nook and corner of the Internet. And since people tend to believe what they read on the Internet, ignoring negative reviews about your company or brand can be lead to devastating results. It is important to take steps to protect against derogatory content.


Building a positive online reputation is imperative for an organization from a business organization perspective, as well as for an individual with a personal social media profile. There are several tips and resources that will help you to create and preserve your Internet credibility and reputation.


If you are interested in pushing down negative reviews and pushing up positive content or reviews, it is essential for you to get an online reputation management firm like Fix Search Results to help you. Professionals have access to top quality resources and skills to render outstanding service and get you the results you need for success.


There are many companies that render reputation management solutions in the industry but quality of service can vary tremendously among these companies. It is advisable to take the time to find a reliable company with a team of dedicated professionals.


Fix Search Results can help you manage your online reputation effectively. The professionals at this renowned firm has been delivering excellent services for many years and they come highly recommended in the industry. They can rebuild your reputation by pushing down negative or derogatory reviews to search results pages where people will never see them. In addition to its search results services and reputation management, Fix Search Results can offer tools and resources to help you maintain your online privacy.