Feeding The World Is Normal At OSI Food Solutions

OSI Industries, LLC, the parent company of OSI Food Solutions, a global leader in the provision of high-quality meat products is growing. Currently, the group has more than 65 facilities employing around 20,000 employees in 17 countries and not only does it process meat products; it also produces quality custom food products, it also serves as a packaging partner to large-scale Foodservice and Retail clients among them Subway, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. The company is also a supply chain expert, from sourcing raw materials, to value addition and retail.

The success of OSI Food Solutions Europe is founded on the good rapport with customers, suppliers, and employees. The core values of the company are, food hygiene, quality assurance, and sustainability, one of the ways the company remains sustainable is the preservation and efficient use of resources and a commitment to environmentally friendly concepts. This dedication to the management of environmental risks led to the nomination of the company for the Globe of Honor Award for 2016, an award that is given by the British Safety Council and it aims at rewarding organizations that display excellence in the management of environmental risks. This award was not the first for the company having won it previously in 2013 and 2015.

Recently the company made a couple of acquisitions in an expansion spree that saw it also double the production capacity of processed chicken products. First, the company injected €17 million into the company’s plant at Toledo, Spain, 20,000 square feet were added to the floor space and a high-capacity production line was installed. This doubled the annual amount of processed chicken and also translated to new jobs for the locals.

The next step on the company’s list was the finalization of the purchase of Baho Foods, a Netherlands based meat processor. This not only increased the company’s asset base, but it also increased the presence OSI Food Solutions had in Europe. Before the purchase of Baho Foods, OSI Group acquisitioned a 200,000 square foot food processing and storage plant from Tyson Food Group. The plant, which was selected for its proximity to OSI Group’s Chicago facility. Still not completely sated, OSI Food Solutions went on to acquire Flagship Europe, which they renamed Creative Foods Europe. As the company settled down to celebrate, Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin not only got the Global Visionary Award rewarded by India’s Vision World Academy and but also an award for community service.

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Teachers Need and Appreciate EdTech Apps such as ClassDojo

ClassDojo debuted in 2011. Within a few years this application had become the number one educational app on the market. Millions of teachers all over the country were connected to ClassDojo and thought it was the best thing since slice bread. Teachers downloaded the app in droves. Once they had this app in their possession it helped to improve the overall atmosphere of the classroom.

What makes ClassDojo such a great piece of software? The bottom line is that this program fulfills a need that teachers and educators can’t do without. ClassDojo is not some second-rate software program that was rashly thrown together. This app was created with much thought and consideration.

The app’s inventors Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary created this app from their personal knowledge of the classroom and from teacher’s input. Sam Chaudhary was a high school science teacher. He knew from personal experience how the app should work. Liam Don was a developer that worked on the game Runescape before he collaborated with Chaudhary.

When Dom and Chaudhary produced this app, they made sure to include things that teachers would find useful. ClassDojo works because it helps to solves major problems in the classroom such as improving parental involvement and monitoring student progress. ClassDojo is also a great application because it is tested and proven in the classroom environment.

Remember that Chaudhary was a teacher and that he personally knew what was needed to make the classroom a better environment for educators. ClassDojo was also a success because it was ready to be implemented and adopted into a classroom atmosphere. This application helped to change the classroom environment so much that it has now become a standard part of teacher’s tools to educate students.

ClassDojo is one of the best education apps on the market. It is expected to make progress even though the EdTech market is on the decline. Many technology experts in the field education technology believes that ClassDojo will impact the field of education for many years into the future. Many teaches and educators truly enjoy having this application at their disposal.

OSI Group is a Top Global Food Processor That Means Quality

OSI Group has developed into a worldwide concern as one of the preeminent food processors as they build on their company’s rich and varied history. Their capabilities in production and culinary creation help set them apart as a quality partner to many top brands. They have 65 facilities in 17 different countries as well as approximately 20,000 employees who are enthusiastic about their work.

The origins of OSI Group go back more than 100 years when they were known as Otto & Sons. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant looking for an opportunity in America and he landed in Chicago. In 1909 he opened a butcher shop and a meat market which served local residents successfully for many years. As the business grew, he eventually expanded into the wholesale meat business as well.

Ray Kroc of McDonald’s was searching for a meat supplier to take care of the first franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois. He selected Otto & Sons with a handshake agreement and a historic partnership was formed. Both companies grew at an electric pace as the years went by. The franchising business model was new to the United States and both companies flourished with it.

The use of flash freezing that was implemented by the company was an early example of their reliance on technological innovation. This process enabled Otto & Sons to supply beef to distant franchise locations and gave them more business. By 1973, the company required a new plant that would be wholly devoted to their business with McDonald’s.

Sheldon Lavin came aboard as a financial expert to help the company expand with this project. His experience in banking and investing proved invaluable and the plans came to fruition. He stayed on as a partner and became the visionary to guide the company to higher levels of growth.

In 1975 the company was renamed OSI Group which honored their founding by Otto Kolschowsky. It also reflected the international nature of their business and the increased scope of it. With the company prospering like never before as Lavin made crucial decisions, the original owners decided the time was right to retire from business. Sheldon Lavin then assumed total ownership and guided them successfully for decades.

The expansion and increased abilities of OSI Group has been strategic in nature. Lavin and David McDonald have made sensible purchases that enhance and improve their capabilities. They have succeeded in building an outstanding global brand that stands for quality and innovation.

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Dr. Saad Saad, the first Arab paediatric surgeon to be U. S. board-certified

Picture being a personal paediatric surgeon for the children of the Saudi Royal. This golden opportunity came to Dr. Saad Saad in the 1980s because he, the only U.S board-certified paediatric surgeon, spoke Arabic and English fluently.

Dr. Saad, born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait, is among eight children in his family, three of whom are also surgeons. He got his medical degree from Cairo University and graduated with honors and was second in his class. Saad did his internship in England and later moved 45 years ago to the United States. He completed a residency in paediatric surgery and surgery and became Board- Certified in Paediatric Surgery. Becoming certified in the U.S. is difficult and requires continuous surgical practice, specialized training and one has to undertake a rigorous exam after every decade.


In Riyadh, he worked at King Faisal Specialist Hospital after the hospital chief and Protocol Office called him to serve them by performing surgeries ranging from o the most complex ones. While there, Dr. Saad operated on a young baby suffering from an aneurysm. He saved the baby, and to educate others, Saad convinced a leading scientific journal to have the details published. The hospital chief and Protocol Office highly regarded his opinions and took seriously his suggestions on whether a patient’s surgery should be performed at the hospital or abroad. One of the hospital’s assistant chiefs trusted Saad and opted for him to operate on his son rather than taking him overseas.


King Faisal Specialist Hospital is mainly for serving the Saudi Royal family, but other royals from neighboring countries sought treatment from the hospital. It also welcomes indigent patients suffering from complex paediatric surgical illnesses. Dr. Saad comes from a poor background but Dr. H Biemann Othersen, his mentor, ingrained in him the principle that all people are equal. According to Saad, the most valuable lesson he received from Biemann is for him to practice kindness and fairness by treating all children, regardless of their race, financial status, religion or physical and mental abilities, the same. While in the U.S, Dr. Saad assisted young adults and children in the Holy Land. In the U.S, he undertook four medical missions and eight missions in Jerusalem and West Bank where he performed free complex paediatric surgeries on poor children.


Dr. Saad is always looking to improve traditional surgical procedures and methods in a bid to reduce pain and risks exposed to his patients. He has created many paediatric surgical processes and patented two of his inventions. Saad has assisted in establishing a Surgical Residency Program for Saudi Students. The program enables Saudi students to receive surgical training in Saudi Arabia without having to travel abroad. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md


Jennifer Walden – Top Notch In Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lee Walden, MD is a plastic surgeon with her hands in many projects. Originally from Texas, her career in medicine began at an ENT hospital in New York. She later moved back to Texas to begin what would become her career apex, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She is renown for being the first surgeon to use laser equipment for labiaplasties and vaginoplasties. Her work alone speaks volumes in the Plastic Surgery field, including her innovative use of technology.

Dr. Walden’s success has taken her from the operating room to media, academia, and beyond. She has been a surgical commentator for Fox News and Dr. 90210. She has made her mark as a member of Modern Aesthetics and as a board member for the best Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board. She has developed and patented medical instruments that are ASSI approved for breast surgery and augmentation.

Dr. Walden has published many articles in her field of study. In addition, she has co-written Aesthetic Plastic Surgery a text book used in the study of plastic surgery. She is listed as one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” by American Way. She comes highly celebrated for her plastic surgery work on the female anatomy, especially for her use of ThermaVa machine used for vaginal rejuvenation.

Dr. Walden is truly a needle in a haystack, she is one of the few female physicians specializing in the field of Plastic Surgery. She is a woman of many attributes; she is board certified by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a patent medical instrument creator, author, and commentator. There is truly no limit to the many talents of Dr. Walden. She is passionate about her work, as well as empathetic to those that seek her services. She is truly a gem in the field of Plastic Surgery.

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Ronald Fowlkes Career Path.

During the first Gulf war, Ronald Fowlkes served the United States Marine Corporation with honor. He was a member of the corporation before retiring. He studied at the well-known Army Jump School and later worked at St. Louis Police Department. He is still a remarkable leader in his SWAT group. Ronald has held leadership roles during his time in the law enforcement industry. He has also trained any rookies and trainee officers. During the 1990 gang fallout, he among the officers to root out the gangs which were agonizing to the U.S citizens.


As a member of the SWAT team and U.S Marine Corporation, Ronald got to handle the FirstSpear tackle gear. He noticed that after using it for exercise for a long while, the speed was still durable. This was due to its robust design for durability. He then researched more about the equipment. He found out that it built nearby in his hometown. He then got to work in the FirstSpear as the director of business development, and to this day, he has been the company’s leader. However, he recently got to co-own the company, and this has made him more responsible. The company’s primary client is the defense and law industry which has helped them get more profit. The FirstSpear firm mainly focuses on equipment named Tier 1 Operator.it works on its strengths and sturdiness.


Ronald Fowlkes is a businessperson. He gets more insights from the book “Lone Survivor” which was written by Marcus Luttrell. He recommends the book and explains that its because it provides understanding about sacrifices that one must make to obtain freedom. He says that his iPhone Mophie has helped him schedules his work and keep tabs and hence helping him grow the business. Ronald has a principle of acting as if failure is not an option. This has been of great help in the success of business and life. He focuses on teamwork, commitment, and hard work. These are the core pillars that have to lead the company in the growth of its sales. He loves playing hockey as a part-time activity and is the coach of his kids’ hockey team. This helped him interact and spend time with his kids. He is also a sports writer.


After returning to the U.S from serving the nation as a contractor for JIEDDO, Ronald Fowlkes, he had an aim of improving the law enforcement industry. His main focus was making safety equipment’s for police officers for use during their work. For over two decades, Ronald has developed new top gears for armed forces. He also has had experience as a sales manager for the IWT Group. He then joined FirstSpear company. Ronald’s experience has helped the company’s mission of making the best equipment’s that beats others in the industry.


Tyson Foods Sold One of its Facilities to OSI Group Due to Hardship

Tyson Foods is a premiere supplier of meat products within the United States. This company normally serves hospitality and grocery industries with products. However, the company had to sell off one of its factory locations within the Chicago area because it was not able to keep up with the current demand. OSI Group LLC. or OSI Food Solutions acquired the plant from the Tyson company. OSI brought the facility for $7.4 million dollars.

OSI Food Solutions is another Illinois based processed meat and food suppliers. They provide a wide variety of meals to restaurants and grocery stores. This organization also markets meals in the hospitality and food and beverage industry. Many chain restaurants such as Subway, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut; purchase many of their menu items from the OSI Group.

The Tyson plant in Chicago has been struggling to keep up with the changing demand for food products in the Windy City area. The company tried to implement different strategies to meet consumer expectations, but they just did not have the right type of facilities to make this possible.

The organization had no choice but to relinquish one of it operational facilities. OSI Food Solutions purchased the plant and have added it to its own growing enterprise. OSI is doing quite well in the market. They are consistently expanding at home and abroad.

OSI has added some former Tyson employees to its payroll. Some individuals who left the former Tyson plant are now employed with the OSI Group. This move by OSI Food Solutions to keep many people from being unemployed and it helped to keep the facility operational since there were experienced workers who knew how to manage it. OSI Group’s acquisition of the Tyson Food plant helps the organization to maintain its market share in a very highly competitive field.

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Dr. David Samadi And His SMART Prostate Surgery Technique

It’s one of the things this man eats, drinks and breathes. He works long, hard hours, and he is a driven professional. He literally studies the newest techniques regarding prostate cancer surgery with his morning coffee. He is Dr. David Samadi, and if you have prostate cancer and live in the Northeast, he is the person you should talk to. And it’s not just because he is a dedicated professional either. It’s also because he has a pioneered a new procedure for prostate cancer, called the SMART technique.In the SMART technique, Dr. David Samadi utilizes the da Vinci robotic system and can have the patient fully recovered from the surgery in literally 24 hours or less. Moreover, this is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes the latest technology in order to remove the cancerous prostate.

Dr. Samadi employs what is called a Surgeon Console in order to perform this procedure. In this console, he has the Patient-side Cart and the EndoWrist instruments, and Dr. Samadi employs his expert surgeon hands to move each instrument into the correct position for a successful surgery. He is the one controlling the robot every step of the way.One of the things that continually excites Dr. Samadi would be the INSITE Vision System. In this development, Dr. David Samadi is able to see the full surgical field of the patient’s prostate in a full 3D viewing picture. Of course, this is a vast improvement over the old surgical function, in which only 2D vision was present. Dr. Samadi knows that this surgical system will help almost any man with a prostate issue. You can call his office today for a pre-consultation and a discussion regarding your options.

Besides being the pioneer of new surgical procedures, Dr. Samadi also likes to keep track of famous individuals in the news who might have prostate cancer issues. One of these would be former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Dr. Samadi recently noted just how encouraged he was about Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer, characterizing his prognosis as “good.” Dr. Samadi also noted how Romney fit the typical demographic for someone facing an initial diagnosis of prostate cancer-that of man aged 65 or older. Romney had just turned 70 when he received his diagnosis.Along with Dr. Samadi, we all wish Mitt Romney the best and of course one can only hope he has a doctor with as much expertise as Dr. Samadi!

Jeremy Goldstein Uses Knockout Options to Entice New CEOs

For Jeremy Goldstein, helping businesses is the biggest part of his business. He is an attorney specializing in employment law. He looks at different things people use and puts them together so more people have a chance at success. He also does what he can to promote different things people can use on their own. As long as Jeremy Goldstein knows how to help people, he feels good about the company he’s helping. For Jeremy Goldstein, helping them through his boutique law firm is an honor. He knows what he’s doing and can promote different options they can use.


One such option is knockouts. He uses knockouts to show CEOs what they could do in the future. If they’re not using them, they aren’t making enough money. In fact, he wants everyone to use them so CEOs and executives can get the right type of compensation. As things have changed for Jeremy Goldstein, people have noticed what he’s doing. They want to see him make the most positive changes no matter what. If Jeremy Goldstein knows how to help people, he can show them the right way to interact. He can also give them the opportunities they need to succeed in business.


Even when he was first practicing law, Jeremy Goldstein knew what he wanted to do. He always wants to help businesses. He has big plans for helping executives succeed. Without the hard work he puts in, companies wouldn’t have the right success. They wouldn’t know the compensation they need or the things they do to make that compensation work. For Jeremy Goldstein, the point of helping others out is to give them the chance they need to do better than they were before. He makes a point of giving the community what they need no matter how hard they work toward things together.


As long as Jeremy Goldstein continues practicing law, he will help businesses. There are too many ways Jeremy Goldstein can make a difference to stop doing it for clients now. He always plans to give the community what they need and that’s part of how his business operates. For years, Jeremy Goldstein spent time giving people what they needed. He doesn’t plan to stop doing that because people don’t need it anymore. Jeremy Goldstein found companies always need a lawyer like him. He uses that to his advantage and makes it easier for them to find someone who needs help. Learn more: https://bestlawfirms.usnews.com/profile/jeremy-l-goldstein-associates-llc/overview/70073

Get Significant Quality Dentistry Models With MB2 Dental

Bad Teeth? Let MB2 Dental Help

Your can suffer from poor eating habits, a dental disease, or poor previous dental practices. Superior dental professional and lead dentist, Dr. Villanueva, suggests early dentistry. Your smile is very important to your appearance, and professional career. You should never have to worry about taking Carr of tour smile on a budget you can afford, or neglecting your child’s smile says, Dr. Villanueva, laws dental care professional and lead dentist for MB2 Dental. A beautiful smile is an asset and can carry you a lifetime. Transfer your smile into an awarding winning masterpiece designed by the artist of dentistry masterpiece.

Achieve Your Dental Goals With MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental works according to your expressed permission to help you achieve the type of smile you’ve always wanted. More industry celebrities are choosing teeth whitening options or reconstruction options. Veneers have become very popular for giving your favorite celebrity a brighter smile. You can achieve an award winning smile with a payment plan that will help you with a chipped or dislodged tooth. Their dental professionals provide gentle dental care in a spa dental atmosphere. They’re technologically advanced dentistry breaks the myth of traditional expensive or uncomfortable treatment.

MB2 Dental Services

– affordable dental x-rays

– dental counseling

– braces options

– dental referrals

– jaw realignment

– sports injuries

– spaced/overlapping/knock-out teeth

– emergency services

– alternative sedation

– pediatric dentistry

– American Dental Association accredited

– and much more…

You can get emergency dental care for you or tour child regardless of limited resources with a bi-weekly or monthly repayment plan option. MB2 Dental understands the necessity of dental care as an asset to their patients. They have over 16+ years of expedience in fine dental care.Their patients get help with oral care issues like gum disease and bad breathe. It is important for you to get the best out of any care plan that you opt in for routine or preventative dental measures. A lot of people associate current dentistry with a traditional services and practices. They get you back to what matters the most while giving you treatment you can afford. Their website gives you the best way to reach out for treatment that can five you back your confidence. Go directly to their website for more details on securing your dental appointment with the professionals atatB2 Dental today.