Richard Mishan the Gutsy Designer with a Mind of His Own

New York City is the kind of place, where it is quite easy for a designer to play it safe and come up with designs that keep the well- heeled clientele busy. Except when it is the case of the interiors man, Richard Mishaan, whose take on what is right and aesthetic is anything but predictable.


This is something that one notices even by going through his second book “Artfully Modern” that defines upper crust. In his opinion, it is not how much money that someone has paid for an object or piece of art that represents a person’s taste, but their ability to appreciate art when they see it.


“Artfully Modern” provides enough glimpses of his penchant for grandeur. Though in his own apartment, he hasn’t changed his sofas for over two decades, but only changed the upholstery once, his contention being that great things last a long time. His signature style is all about using disparate styles to create a wholesome whole. His apartment is a beautiful example of this where the living room boasts of work by modern masters getting their inspiration from comic books along with 16th century gilded Italia mirror.


That apart, Mishan’s love for color is also quite apparent in its use in his Hampton’s house featured in the book. This perhaps has to do something with his Columbian roots. So Richard Mishan Design would not possibly be straight jacketed and certainly never dull and predictable. Is it any surprise that he is so highly regarded by his clients and indeed by his peer? New York City is the kind of place where for one to stand out one has to be outstanding.


The flavors of the season come and go, but the class acts carry on for years and years, ever evolving and never ceasing to delight. Mishan is one of those for sure. His very presence lets you feel his power and his designs more so. These are sure to impact anyone with the right kind of sensibility. Indeed a rare and bold designer, this Richard Mishan. He is nothing, if not one of a kind.