Ronald Fowlkes Career Path.

During the first Gulf war, Ronald Fowlkes served the United States Marine Corporation with honor. He was a member of the corporation before retiring. He studied at the well-known Army Jump School and later worked at St. Louis Police Department. He is still a remarkable leader in his SWAT group. Ronald has held leadership roles during his time in the law enforcement industry. He has also trained any rookies and trainee officers. During the 1990 gang fallout, he among the officers to root out the gangs which were agonizing to the U.S citizens.


As a member of the SWAT team and U.S Marine Corporation, Ronald got to handle the FirstSpear tackle gear. He noticed that after using it for exercise for a long while, the speed was still durable. This was due to its robust design for durability. He then researched more about the equipment. He found out that it built nearby in his hometown. He then got to work in the FirstSpear as the director of business development, and to this day, he has been the company’s leader. However, he recently got to co-own the company, and this has made him more responsible. The company’s primary client is the defense and law industry which has helped them get more profit. The FirstSpear firm mainly focuses on equipment named Tier 1 works on its strengths and sturdiness.


Ronald Fowlkes is a businessperson. He gets more insights from the book “Lone Survivor” which was written by Marcus Luttrell. He recommends the book and explains that its because it provides understanding about sacrifices that one must make to obtain freedom. He says that his iPhone Mophie has helped him schedules his work and keep tabs and hence helping him grow the business. Ronald has a principle of acting as if failure is not an option. This has been of great help in the success of business and life. He focuses on teamwork, commitment, and hard work. These are the core pillars that have to lead the company in the growth of its sales. He loves playing hockey as a part-time activity and is the coach of his kids’ hockey team. This helped him interact and spend time with his kids. He is also a sports writer.


After returning to the U.S from serving the nation as a contractor for JIEDDO, Ronald Fowlkes, he had an aim of improving the law enforcement industry. His main focus was making safety equipment’s for police officers for use during their work. For over two decades, Ronald has developed new top gears for armed forces. He also has had experience as a sales manager for the IWT Group. He then joined FirstSpear company. Ronald’s experience has helped the company’s mission of making the best equipment’s that beats others in the industry.