Stansberry Research Takes Its Lead From Its Inspirations Founder Frank Porter Stansberry

Independent research firm Stansberry Research is a company that operates within the financial sphere. The company was founded in 1999 and takes great pride in providing investment intelligence of an unbiased nature to investors who desire to attain an edge in the investment industry. The Baltimore, Maryland-based investment firm covers topics of research that delve into a varied number of realms and include energy, biotech, short-selling, tech and option trading investments as well as the topics of maximizing income and analysis of macroeconomics. Stansberry Research currently boasts an impressive readership base of more than 350 thousand and is read by individuals in over one-hundred countries across the globe today. Stansberry Research has satellite offices that are located in the states of California, Florida and Oregon.

Stansberry founder is Frank Porter Stansberry. He also works in an editorial capacity with the firm and produces opinion pieces for a number of different publications in the financial sector. Topics of interest for Frank Porter Stansberry include the financial panic of Europe as well as the auto industry bailout. He also leads Stansberry Research in its continually drive to provide deep insights into the important market trends within the modern financial industry. This has helped to ensure that Stansberry Research has become one of the most respected institutions in its industry.

The trust that Stansberry Research subscribers have come to have in the firm is undeniable. This is evidenced by the extensive number of positive testimonials that readers often direct toward the work the company does. These testimonials frequently point to the high level of integrity that the team of analysts at Stansberry Research always adhere to in their research work. Stansberry Research readers frequently credit the firm with being an instrumental part in helping their portfolios to grow and succeed. This is due to the continual stream of quality investment ideas that the company is known to provide its readers with. Many of these readers not only comment on the fact that the firm helped them to grow their base of money but as importantly, to grow their base of knowledge in the sphere of investment.

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