Neurocore’s Depression Management


The human brain is one of the body organs that has managed to amaze most people. The way it functions and how it crunches information remains a mystery to most of the researchers and scientist. Furthermore, it is always the source of information for all the activities happening in the body. The events may range from the thoughts, emotions, behavior, and perception. Chemical signals released by millions of cells in the body aid in regulating the electrical signal generated in the brain.

Therefore, to understand the mystery behind all these, one needs to know how the mind works. While all the information about the brain is still a mystery, the researchers and scientists are working around the clock to help unravel the mystery behind this powerful body organ.

Neurocore and the services they provide

Established in 2004, its central vision was to provide brain training, brain assessment tests, and enhancement. The center makes use of the neurofeedback, and EEG to aid in improving mental acuity and boosting the ability of the client to manage stress and depression. Additionally, the center combines neurofeedback with a particular type of feedback known as biofeedback. Biofeedback, also known as the heart rate variability learning, commonly abbreviated as (HRV). Neural training involves controlling the breathing patterns of one person using the therapeutic breathing methods. Therefore, to attain this, a person has to combine his/her subconscious mind with the regulation of the breathing patterns.

Neurotherapy Depression Management

Major/clinical depression is the most severe type of depression. This type of depression affected about ten million people in America alone. The finds were as a result of the research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health. Neurocore patients use what is known as the neurofeedback to exercise their brains on the how to overcome depression symptoms. Continuous use of ut help in overcoming the symptoms completely.

Additionally, to get the best results possible, the doctors are using the neurocore brain therapy training. This involves putting a subject’s brain through a series of tests to help overcome the thoughts that are brought about by the depression.