The OSI Group Offers A Wide Range Of Important Services;

Over 109 years ago in Oak Park, Illinois, Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, started a neighborhood meat market that quickly developed a reputation for offering the finest cuts of meats. Today, that company is called the OSI Group and it has grown to become one of the world’s top food service companies. The company not only delivers high quality food, it also offers a wide range of other excellent, vital services as well. The company’s ability to be depended on to deliver so many different services has transformed it into a major player in the food processing industry.The OSI Group is now depended on by companies large and small to provide them with a diverse array of business services. Those services include research and development to create food products to meet the specific needs of the companies. The OSI Group also helps companies by providing them with supply chain solutions that make it possible for them to do business in the far-flung corners of the world.

The company even provides Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, McDonald’s and other western companies doing business in China with the meat, poultry, dough, fruit and vegetable products they need to run their enterprises.Packaging is another service the OSI Group provides for a number of companies. Drawing on their expertise and using their more than 70 food processing and packaging facilities in 17 countries, the OSI Group packages products for a number of private label brands as well as major internationally known companies. The company is a master at logistics and plays an important role in helping other companies get their products to consumers throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North, Central and South America.

The OSI Group is an important cog in the wheel the keeps the global food industry rolling.The company has also created food and worker safety and environmental sustainability practices that have won numerous awards. Those practices have been copied by many other companies worldwide. The OSI Group has also created a smart expansion plan that’s the envy of countless other businesses. The work the OSI Group has done is so innovative and groundbreaking, the Vision World Academy recently gave company CEO Sheldon Lavin their Global Visionary Award. He’s held up as a CEO others should emulate because of his ability to help his company successfully diversify the services they offer while maintaining the highest quality standards.