Teachers Need and Appreciate EdTech Apps such as ClassDojo

ClassDojo debuted in 2011. Within a few years this application had become the number one educational app on the market. Millions of teachers all over the country were connected to ClassDojo and thought it was the best thing since slice bread. Teachers downloaded the app in droves. Once they had this app in their possession it helped to improve the overall atmosphere of the classroom.

What makes ClassDojo such a great piece of software? The bottom line is that this program fulfills a need that teachers and educators can’t do without. ClassDojo is not some second-rate software program that was rashly thrown together. This app was created with much thought and consideration.

The app’s inventors Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary created this app from their personal knowledge of the classroom and from teacher’s input. Sam Chaudhary was a high school science teacher. He knew from personal experience how the app should work. Liam Don was a developer that worked on the game Runescape before he collaborated with Chaudhary.

When Dom and Chaudhary produced this app, they made sure to include things that teachers would find useful. ClassDojo works because it helps to solves major problems in the classroom such as improving parental involvement and monitoring student progress. ClassDojo is also a great application because it is tested and proven in the classroom environment.

Remember that Chaudhary was a teacher and that he personally knew what was needed to make the classroom a better environment for educators. ClassDojo was also a success because it was ready to be implemented and adopted into a classroom atmosphere. This application helped to change the classroom environment so much that it has now become a standard part of teacher’s tools to educate students.

ClassDojo is one of the best education apps on the market. It is expected to make progress even though the EdTech market is on the decline. Many technology experts in the field education technology believes that ClassDojo will impact the field of education for many years into the future. Many teaches and educators truly enjoy having this application at their disposal.