The Veteran and Now The Chairman of Capital Group

Timothy Armour, also known as just Tim, is the current chairman and the chief executive officer of Capital Group, for the Los Angeles office. Tim also is an equity portfolio manager with more than thirty three experience in the investment field. All these years with the Capital Group has earned several tittles during his career. He is also the current principal executive officer at Capital Research and Management Inc. his career path was shaped during his years at Middlebury College where he graduated with a degree in economics and from there on, joined the Capital Group.

After his graduation, Tim Armour worked at the Capital Group as a participant to the Associates Program in the year 1983. His hard work and ambition was recognized by the management and he was then made the equity investment analyst. Here, he was delegated with the role of engaging in international telecommunications and also overseeing service companies in the United States. His dedication to his work was once again recognized by the management and he was made the assistant chairman. As an executive, Tim worked alongside his colleagues in the executive level to ensure that the company’s operations ran smoothly and were well monitored.

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Prior to being named the chairman of the Capital Group, Timothy Armour worked for the company at the position of the company’s chairman of the management committee. When James Rothenberg, the former chairman died of a heart attack in 2015, it was easy for him to take the position, given that his passion and determination has been seen by the company for the past thirty three years he has worked for the company. As the new chairman, Timothy Armour assures his clients that the company will continue giving them better returns regardless the financial situations the world is facing.

Since he was appointed, he continues to prove himself by leading the company in the right direction. He goes ahead to advise managers and leaders to invest quality time studying their companies as this is the only way that they can tap opportunities and uncover markets that had not been before. By being actively involved with the company and the industry it operates in, they are in a better position to acquire competitive advantage over other firms.

Timothy Armour is indeed a huge asset to the company. With his years of experience and his personal and interpersonal skills, Capital Group is guaranteed to forge ahead and continue being the largest investment fund companies in the world.

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