Wessex Wiki Highlights

Wessex Institute of Technology, also known as WIT or just the “Wessex Institute,” is an English education and research-oriented institution geared toward improving the exchange of technological ideas between students and professionals within tech fields. Chaired by Carlos Bebbia, WIT has been operational since 1986.

Outside of its home country, WIT’s multiple international research collaborations have involved universities in Italy, Brazil and Spain. WIT’s board of directors consists of professors from several American universities as well as professors from Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany and Portugal. Since 2004, Wikipedia mentions that the Wessex Institute’s conferences have included an annual award ceremony for the Prigogine Medal, a commendation for individuals whom have greatly advanced chemical science. Since 2014 and in collaboration with the University of Mississippi, the institution has also overseen the administration of the George Green Medal. WIT oversees a total of around 25 global tech conferences every year.


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